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 $25,000 Carbon Footprint Reduction Challenge this October!

Double your investment in your community this month and help LandPaths meet a "Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Challenge" from Will and Julie Parish, LandPaths partners, together creating 1,000 acres of protected land at Bohemia.

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Will and Julie have challenged us to match their donation of $25,000 during the month of October!

Your donation to LandPaths will support our work of connecting people of all ages and backgrounds to land – using that connection as a means to create a more just, sane and healthy community.

Donating early reduces LandPaths carbon footprint - if you donate during this October challenge, we will not send you our annual appeal request.  This savings reduces our use of paper, ink, and energy, reducing our use of the earth's resources.  Less of LandPaths' resources will be spent mailing you a request. 

Donate today and help LandPaths continue our efforts to 'go green'.  

Donors who pledge by October 24th:
  Please let us thank you in style at the Starry Night Thank You at Rancho Mark West, a special, family-friendly evening reserved for current LandPaths donors and volunteers.



LandPaths is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and as such, all donations to LandPaths are tax-deductible. Our tax id is: 68-0328590.

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