Planned Giving: LandPaths “Legacy of This Place” Club

With these simple words added to your will or trust, you can become part of our Legacy Club and gain the confidence that your efforts will continue to support land and our connection with it long into the future.


“I give to LandPaths all or ___% of my estate, or the sum of $___ to be used by LandPaths.”

Simplicity for eternity. For a confidential appointment to discuss this or any other gift to LandPaths, or simply to let us know that you have named LandPaths in your estate plan, please contact Craig Anderson at 544-7284 or [email protected]

Gary Abriem

"What better way to pay it forward than to include LandPaths in my planned giving program.

It’s a token of my enormous appreciation for the work that the staff and volunteers do to preserve, protect & provide access to these magnificent natural treasures."

~Gary Abreim, Legacy Club Member, pictured here at Estero Americano




Pat And Ted

"We have named LandPaths as one of the beneficiaries of our estate because we believe it deserves our long-term support. It brings people in touch with the natural environment who otherwise might not have this opportunity. It preserves properties with significant natural resources,  habitat for wildlife, scenic values and offers recreational activities which are consistent with conservation principles. 

We hope our financial contribution will assist LandPaths in its critically important work long past our demise." 

~ Pat and Ted Eliot, Legacy Club Members


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