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"Homes and Habitats of Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve" now available!

A quest uses a scavenger hunt structure to discover the cultural and natural history of a place and region. The “Homes and Habitats” quest at Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve combines artwork (created by local artists and youth!), poetry, movement clues, and thought- provoking challenges in order to tell the story of the Preserve in an engaging way.

Quest Collage

This Quest will challenge you and your family to:

  • Discover the magic of Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve in a wole new way
  • Explore the land and the history that has shaped it
  • Measure the age of a Valley Oak tree
  • Investigate the life that Fox Pond supports and take its temperature
  • Name the mountains that help define our home
  • Uncover the treasure that waits for your at the end
Print out a copy of the Quest here.

Copies of the "Homes and Habitats Quest" can also be found in a box on the kiosk near the entrance of the preserve. You can take the Quest anytime that that the Preserve is open- sunruise to 6pm, daily.


Monitoring the Temperature of Fox Pond

Measuring the temperature of Fox Pond is one of the many ways that questers interact with the environment on this Quest. The temperature of the water can tell us what animal and plant life we can expect to see in the pond. If the temperature gets too hot or too cold, then the numbers of some organisms may increase, while others decrease. This chart helps you discover who has measured the pond, but also how the pond changes throughout the year. Keep checking in to compare our data!

Pond Temp Table

A BIG THANK YOU to our volunteers and participants for donating your time, hard work, inquisitive minds, and friendly approach to our Quest process! You have been an integral piece of helping us understand how to create a Quest with our community. We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your help.

Quest Team Photo

Through 3 workshops, folks from Healdsburg and Santa Rosa have collected stories, experiences, and time on the trail in an effort to weave the stories of Healdsburg into the fabric of Healdsburg Ridge. 

“Place based education is about discovering the stories of home and using them as the foundation for learning, community building, and stewardship.”     - Steven Glazer

What is a Quest?

A Quest is an interactive treasure hunt that uses rhyming, poetic, and artistic clues to guide the taker to a hidden treasure that awaits them upon completion. But the joy is not simply in finding the treasure at the end, it is in the sharpening of one’s perceptive senses and the deepening of one’s sense of place. Quests are tools that can be used to illuminate the beauty, uniqueness, and cultural history of a particular place. They can take place at public parks, historical sites, open spaces, and more. They can be made by one person, a teacher, a group, or class of students.

Click here to see what a blossoming quest community looks like.

Our Intention

Our goal in creating the Healdsburg Ridge quest is to get to know the people, skills, and stories of Healdsburg and to weave them into the fabric of Healdsburg Ridge. The result will be a fun, educational scavenger hunt that incorporates hand drawn maps, original poetry, and observational clues- all inspired by the landscape and cultural history of Healdsburg. The product will be available online, and hard copies made available at the front entry of the park. We hope that the quest we create will take on a life of its own, and become a valuable environmental education resource for individuals, groups, and families for years to come.


About Healdsburg Ridge

Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve is open to the public each day from dawn to 6 pm.  


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