Fitch Mountain

Fitch Summit  Fitch Overlook

On Tuesday afternoon November 18, a recorder’s rubber stamp at the County of Sonoma quietly closed a land protection chapter 20 years in the making. Fitch Mountain, a rock so resistant that Russian River currents could not wash it away, nor housing successfully climb its uppermost flanks, was purchased for future public parkland. 

A union of no less than four groups were united by the dogged persistence of 4th District Supervisor Mike McGuire to pull the deal together. First, Our County’s Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District provided funds to buy the land and seed funding for land stewardship. Second, the City of Healdsburg agreed to accept the property as a future public park. Third, the People of Healdsburg and beyond spoke with seeming unanimity in favor of saving the wildness of the mountaintop for its wildness and vistas and respite from the din of urbanized life. Last but not least, Land Partners Through Stewardship - better known as ‘LandPaths’ - agreed to own and steward the mountain until the City is able to take ownership in 2017. 

We've found that our People Powered Parks model works because it encourages those who care the most and know the land the best to get involved in its stewardship. LandPaths will be particularly focused on mentoring local high school students to care for this future park through helping reduce fire fuel loads, build trails and enhance native species on site.

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