Riddell Preserve

Riddell Panorama

Owned and managed by LandPaths

Access:  guided tours and volunteer programs

Please click here for a complete list of upcoming stewardship days and public events at Riddell 

Nestled in the hills above Dry Creek just outside Healdsburg is a spectacular piece of land.  Scarcely visible from anywhere nearby, this 400 acre parcel of California wildness is home to magnificent, thriving, regenerating stands of oak and madrone, along with lowly fescue bunch grasses, open meadows, fourth generation redwood “fairy rings,” perennial streams and headwaters—undoubtedly matched by equally vibrant communities of animals from amphibians to owls and mountain lions.  This incredible parcel of land, simply known as "Riddell" was donated to LandPaths by the Riddell Family in 2007. 

A mile and a half long and a mile wide, this land has been essentially untouched for forty years or more. The largest parcel in the immediately vicinity, it contains native plant and animal communities thriving here that are struggling or disappearing elsewhere. Three streams cross the property with surface flow often year-round, and the vital headwaters of several feeder streams issue from its hillsides. Walk through its graceful peace, and deep duff or humus from decades of leaves crunches under enormous madrones, moss coats the rocks, lichen hangs from gnarled oaks, huge ferns envelop flowing springs, birds chatter in the canopy, grasses sway in the clearings, and there's a still hush at the foot of redwood clusters which whistle in the breeze above.  

LandPaths currently holds ongoing stewardship days at Riddell Preserve and occasional public outings.  

 Riddell Big Trees Riddell Landscape (2)


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