Thank you for your interest in volunteering with LandPaths! Please read our Volunteer Handbook first to familiarize yourself with volunteer opportunities and other important information. 

Volunteer Handbook 

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Day Of Caring 3

Stewardship is the responsible planning and management of resources that everyone uses and benefits from. In our case, we steward the resources existing within LandPaths preserves and other open spaces around Sonoma County. LandPaths stewards both natural resources such as plants, animals, habitat, and watersheds and preserve infrastructure resources such as trails, roads, water lines, and cabins. We steward open spaces with the mindset that everyone living in Sonoma County will be able to experience these resources for generations to come.  

We also believe that people in Sonoma County should and want to be involved in the stewardship of these resources, both for their own benefit but also for the benefit of their families and the rest of the Sonoma County community. When we all work together to steward these precious and important resources, the task becomes much lighter!

So please help LandPaths and your community by joining us in protecting the future of Sonoma County open spaces!

Click Here to register for an upcoming stewardship day.


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