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Bring Summer Back! Give the Gift of Owl Camp

Offer Kids a True Taste of Summer at Owl Camp!

Help us bring back a true taste of summer for all the kids— canoeing, splashing in a cool creek, looking under rocks, and building forts until exhaustion hits— by supporting LandPaths’ Owl Camp Scholarship Drive 2014. 

With your support, this summer, LandPaths will:

Outreach to the kids that need Owl Camp most. LandPaths reaches out to families, with special attention to communities where the idea of summer camp may be unheard of, or only an unattainable dream.  Scholarships bring Owl Camp, and an enriching summer camp experience 

Get kids to camp—literally.  The reality is that many scholarship families are one-car families, with that car dedicated to the wage- earner.  LandPaths provides a ride to camp; your donation supports a camp van picking up and dropping off at Bayer Farm in Roseland each day.within reach. 

Model Diversity.  In ecology diversity is a strength, it the same with our community.  Owl Camp is a place where all kids can experience the richness of difference and recognize our common connection to nature – while having fun!

Do what LandPaths does best!  Kids can listen to a story in cave, be amazed by what an ant can carry, ponder a hole in a tree, sit within a sunflower tee-pee, eat kale (yes!) from the garden, and meet a real live owl, all the while learning from talented environmental educators.   

Your donation of $350 provides one child with tuition and transportation to camp for a week. Our 
goal is to provide a minimum of 50 camp scholarships this year. Help us meet our Owl Camp goal of $20,000 by April 22nd (Earth Day!).  

We are already nearly a third of the way there! As of today, we've raised $6,450 for Owl Camp 2014.

Click here to donate.  To ensure that your donation is directed to the Owl Camp Scholarship Fund, please "dedicate" your donation "in honor of" Owl Camp
. Thanks to the William Hurt Foundation, we have a challenge donation of $5,000 toward our goal.  Please give as generously as you can. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.   


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Craig Anderson's Remarks Upon Receiving 2014 Bay Nature Local Hero Award for Conservation Action

Craig Redwood

These remarks were delivered at the Bay Nature Awards Dinner at Scott's Seafood in Jack London Square, Oakland, March 23rd, 2014.

My last name, for those that missed it, is ANDERSON.  YO ARR SVENSKA ANTE KLUTINEK, translated “I am Swedish by my ancestors.”  The Scandahoovian in me says “you must have the wrong person, my family would find it embarrassing to have one of us stand out in relief from the rest of our group toiling at the Ikea woodshop…” 

But, I do accept this honor with gratitude from Bay Nature Institute on behalf of the staff, board of directors and volunteers of an organization that seeks to save land, by helping people save themselves, by the very act of reconnecting to land for the common good.  I must point out, though, one person who stands out in supporting LandPaths’ work, and me on a daily basis, our Director for Strategic Change – Lee Hackeling, also my wife and best friend.  My job as executive director at times is to be leaves waving in the wind and sunlight; Lee is the Tree and structure that enables this to happen – and this award in the same breath acknowledges her work.  And in the same breath I acknowledge our kids Iris and Kai who know far more about ‘community conservation’ work by virtue of the topic being discussed over most family dinners…

I also want to acknowledge the hecklers - I mean friends and family some 30-strong - that are here tonight who cheer this work on AND going back three decades who have made this work possible.  I thank my friend Sarah who 30 years ago was my college mentor, Gary my compatriot of those many years and I also wish to thank a special group of people, heroes in their own right with us tonight, who are private landowners that allow for public engagement on their PRIVATE land.  To Jim and Betty, Will and Julie, and just as of last week Maria and Paul, we all salute you.  This type of deep trust, shared values and neighborly goodwill is a hallmark of future efforts at connecting people, especially our children, to the land.  

People Powered Parks translates to arriving into a landscape and community with a Purpose, and NOT a Plan.  It’s trusting the community process that is messy and hard and frustrating.  It brings partnerships to conservation and community work that we never imagined.  And it brings our Latino friends and neighbors, and people of Eritrean and Vietnamese and Chinese ancestry in Sonoma County that are looking to live their lives with greater vibrancy and joy because of dinner outdoors with new friends, exotic weeds pulled and composted, culverts cleaned and weekends spent outdoors sharing their joy in a plurality of languages.  

I am reminded of the importance of just listening to people with different ideas, the Farm Bureau head, the neighbor we could easily dismiss as NIMBY, the busy professional or the seemingly listless teenager…they ALL want what we All sell….  That is, Fresh air, clean water, species and vistas that will exist beyond our lifetimes, and a dose of health for our communities that we have just begun to realize in the past several decades. 

Our volunteers are given not just jobs, but as a cherished staff member said who led LandPaths establishing of the Bayer Farm in a diverse, urban area of Santa Rosa – “we give people the dignity of responsibility.”  It’s the impact of this dignity on people stewarding land for the common good that led our friend and General Manager of our Ag Preservation and Open Space District – Bill Keene - to openly weep when he visited the Bayer Farm for the very first time.  

I recollect with fondness a number of waffle breakfasts I had as a graduate student while at CAL at the home of David and Ann Brower –and I believe that if David were alive today that he would embrace the credo that our conservation work is not nearly so much What Are We Against?, but What are we FOR? 

I believe that We all need to be FOR our teens; FOR access to land on a weekly, if not daily basis, whether working landscapes or wild…because that connection heals people and land.  I think everyone in this room believes deep down, that our collective work can actually heal nations.  

I thank my mother, 91-years young and with us here tonight who still listens to KQED because “there’s always so may interesting stories, I love being a lifelong learner” – and who along with my father made a humble income stretch by feeding us packets of Knorr Soup so that we could spend as much time as possible in summers at 10,000’ in Tuolumne Meadows, savoring the orange light on Unicorn Peak and the gurgling water of the Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River that flows over granite slabs that have barely been scratched since the time of Muir, of Miwok elders and glacial polish, that orange mountain light that calls ALL of us Californians back to the tent or trailhead or sidewalk which borders the urban green lot for our dinner, for rest, before another measureless mountain day.  Days that stretch into years, and ultimately inspire young women and men into lives of service to nature because there is no cause more compelling than that of a relationship with land and the narrative that land etches into mind and body.  

I thank our board of directors and staff members here tonight, chair Steve Meacham and Bruce Kinnison, along with staff members Rebecca Abbruzzesse and Bree Benton, who share in this work every day.  

Finally, thank you to Bay Nature Magazine which publishes stories of meaning, which writes them articulately and writes them with heart.   Thank you so very much to (publisher and co-founder) David, his wonderful staff and board, to my friend, coyote spirit and LandPaths director Michael Ellis for this nomination – and to all of you tonight, who are here because in your lives, you embrace protecting land AND connecting people to it for some purpose larger than yourselves.  

Thank you.  

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LandPaths Executive Director Formally Recognized by Board of Supervisors

Craig with Board of SUPES

Craig Anderson was formally recognized for his leadership on Tuesday by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.  From Left:  Bill Keene, General Manager of the SCAPOSD, Caryl Hart, Director of Regional Parks, David Rabbitt, Supervisor, Craig Anderson, Executive Director of LandPaths, Mike McGuire, Supervisor, Sue Gorin, Supervisor and Efren Carrillo, Supervisor

Sue Gorin, who presented the "Adopt a Gold Resolution" to Craig, in affirmation of his being named the 2014 "Conservation Hero" by Bay Nature, stated: "We are congratulating Craig for his entire body of work and everything that he has done along with other wonderful people to create LandPaths, such an important community partner of ours." 

Efren Carillo added: "You’ve served as an inspiration to this a thoughtful, provocative leader...It’s not just the conservation and the stewardship of the land that’s important but it's connecting families and kids." 

And David Rabbit offered this: "There are far too many kids in this county who live in the midst of such a wonderful environment and are either homebound or are neighborhood-bound or city-bound. They don’t really have the opportunity to feel the sand under their feet or hike a trail and see the trees and the sun coming through the trees and everything else. So the idea that relationships with the land start with relationships with people is something that I really get from you, Craig, and I appreciate that so much.  I think it’s so important to make sure that everyone in the county understands what's around us, the beauty and the wide variety of landscapes that we have."

Very well said, and Congratulations, Craig!

Click here to watch the presentation by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, including additional comments by Craig and Mike McGuire. (Craig's recognition begins around the 45 minute mark.)

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Thank you for your generous financial support of LandPaths this past year. Your contribution will result in powerful community impact - ensuring valuable opportunities for all Sonoma County residents to claim their true nature in knowing the outdoors near where they live. 


We have compiled a list of all 2013 donors (below). Recurring donors (of five or more consecutive years) are shown in italics. Our apologies in advance if you notice an error with this list, and please do not hesitate to contact us with your corrections.  

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint Challenge Match: 

Last October's Challenge Match for $20,000 (from Will & Julie Parish, LandPaths partners, together creating 1,000 acres of protected land at Bohemia), was met through the generosity of 141 of you. As a result, we saved 141 sheets of paper, envelopes, return envelopes, printing (ink, energy), and postage and handling costs. Thank you to these donors for helping LandPaths minimize our use of and impact on our earth's resources.

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint:

Alison Willets

Allen & Gloria Bealer

Allen Barrett

Amy Booth

Ann Carranza

Anne Trujillo

Anonymous Donor

Bart Westcott

Ben Klocek

Beverly Schwartz

Bill Klippert

Bob & Myra Gaiser

Bob & Nancy Higham

Bonnie McFarl&

Brian Wilson

Bruce & Connie Kinnison

Burton Smith

Candace M. Fox

Carole Hale

Carolyn Ferris

Charles McGowan

Cheryl Davey

Christina Cooper

Clara Else

Curt Kimble

Curtis Cavin

Cynthia & Larry Pullin

Daniel Byerly & Leslie Brizee Byerly

Darek Trowbridge

Darlene LaMont & Jim Robinson

David L Smith

David Salm

Dean Joyner

Diana Ramirez

Donna Schulz

Dotty Joos

Doug & Cindy Lipton

Ed Graham

Edie Otis

Eileen Fong- Jang & Forrest Jang

Elaine Ramires

Elizabeth Herron

Ellie Dwight

Eric Anderson

Eric Moes

Erin Moilanen

Farida Fox

Fawn Nekton

Franny Minervini-Zick

Fred & Jocelyn Euphrat

Fred Ptucha & Jeannette Dothee

Gale Brownell

Gary Diamond

Gerson Finlev

Hannah Bartee

Holly Vettori

Jacala Kinney

Jan Hayssen

Janet Dove

Jim Mansfield

Jim McAdler

Jim Melancon

Joan Bacci

Joan Merriss

John Fairbank

Jonathan Marshall

Joseph McIntyre

Juliet Schaefer

June Thomasson

Kandis Gilmore

Kathie Merrill

Kathleen Harrison

Kathryn Kettler

Ken Roberts

Kirsten Miller

Kyle OMI Lehecka

Laraine Downer

Laurie Moore

Lien Cibulka

LiHui Tsai

Linda & Steven Woodside

Linda Proulx

Linda Schneider

Linda Thomas

Lorna Deitz

Lynn & John Westoby

Marcia Coleman

Marcus Lipton & Serena Stoepler

Marcy Lenhardt

Marcy Meadows

Marilynn Scott

Mary Abbott

Mary & Gerrit Blom

Mary Sue Anderson

Mary Williams & Peter Elias

Mickey Babcock

Mike & Gail George

Mirin Lew

Monique & Robert Rubin

Nancy Curdts

Nancy Giambastiani

Nannette Meyers

Natasha Granoff

Noel Bouck

Nola Lundy

Pam Adinoff

Patricia Minor

Patrick Kincaid

Peggy Maddock

Peter Allen

Prue Draper

Richard Berry

Robert Spillane

Roberta Souza

Rod Supple

Ron Dodge

Ron Douglass

Ronni Madrid

Ruth Wilson

Sandi Cullinen

Sandra Fisher

Sandra Martensen & Alan Selby

Selina Galick

Sharon Bice

Sharon Fisher

Silas Martin

Stephanie Miller

Steve Green

Susan Bendinelli

Susan Gorin

Susan Thompson

The Heck Foundation

The Swig Foundation

Thea Hensel

Theresa Burke

Tim Bacon

Tom von Tersch & Meg Beeler

Ulrich Dahmen

Wendy Born

Wendy Krupnick

WLW Investment Trust


Fellow Travelers: $10,000+

A & G Stanchfield Trust

An Anonymous Advisor

An Anonymous Donor

John & Tina Keker

Maria Cardamone & Gordon Paul Mathews

Tompkins/Imhoff Family Fund

Will and Julie Parish, LandPaths partners, together creating 1,000 acres of protected land at Bohemia


Beloved Benefactors: $1,000-$9,999

Active 20-30 Club of the Redwood Empire

Amy's Kitchen

Anonymous Donor

Bart Westcott

Charles Brady

David Kohlmeister & Amy Mortensen

Deidre Harrison

Ellie Insley

Gordon Paul Matthews & Maria Cardamone

Howard & Barbara Wollner

Jean Schulz

John & Melody McNulty

Julia L. Grant Donor Advised Fund

Kathy Scott

Lou & Susan Preston

Meg Hurt

Melanie Gallagher

Noel Bouck

Patricia & Ted Eliot

Peggy Flynn & Lex McCorvey

Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, Inc.

Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary Club

Sonoma Compost

Tietz Family Foundation

Tina Hannon

Warren & Janis Watkins

WHH Foundation


Super Sustaining Supporters:  $250-$999


Alan Siegle

Amanda Haas

Ashley Sansome

Barbara MacKenzie

Beth Martinez

Bob Truax & Steve Whiteman

Bruce & Connie Kinnison

Bryon & Andrea Sheets

Calpine Corporation

Carol & Dale Achabal

Carol Orme

Cheryl A. Maynard & j. Anthony Mountain

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program

Clair Werner

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Curt Kimble

Danny Hagans

Darrin Jenkins

David & Sandra Belda

David Hardy

Dennis Martino

Derek & Chris Denniston

Diane Gibson

Dr. Thomas Crane

Ed & Kirsten Cutler

Eleanor Kneibler

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Friends of Mark West Watershed

Gerald Villarreal

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Harold Appleton

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Henry McNeely

Intuit Foundation

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Kyle Ashton

Larry Martin

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Liz & George Landreth

Madrone Audobon Society

Marcia Coleman

Mark Jacobsen & Pamela Laird

Marthe & Steve Norwick

Martin & Ruth Wilson

Mary Luttrell

MaryAnn Nickel

Mitchel Family Fund

Monique Semp

Natasha Granoff

Nolan Hughes

Pacific Watershed Associates

Pat & Dan Solter

Patrick Emery

Patrick Paglen

Rhonda Berney

Richard & Katherine Harkness

Richard Abazia

Richard Heifetz

Richard Power

Richard Radcliffe

Rick & Sue Kavinoky

Robert Fink

Roberta Hartmann

Sally Wood

Santa Rosa Cycling Club

Stephen & Julia Ann Fenner

Steve Harris

Steve & Christine Meacham

Steve Harper

Steve Isaacson

Summit State Bank

Tim Choate

Tom Brumfield & Carole Herman

Wendy Born

William & Joyce Cox

William Waymack


Stalward Stewards:  $100-$249

Abigail Zoger

Adam Reyes

Aileen Santos

Al & Cherry Baumann

Alan Siraco & Am&a Roze

Aleta Drummond & Rick Cole

Alex Mallonee

Alexander Stagnaro

Alicia Nourse

Alison Pearson

Alison Willets

Amie Glass

Amy Hutchinson

Andrea English

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Anne Chadwick Charitable Trust

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Betsy Sliney

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Jean Holroyd-Sills

Jean Terribilini

Jennifer McKenzie

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Jill Cornwell & Barry Nelson

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Jim & Kathy Sparling

Jim & Melinda Moir

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Fostering Community Under the Grove of Old Trees: LandPaths Celebrates Five Additional Acres at the 14th Annual Grove Stewardship & Potluck Lunch



Where: Grove of Old Trees, 17400 Fitzpatrick Lane, Occidental, CA

When: Sunday, November 10th 8:45am-3:00pm

What: More than 50 friends and neighbors expected to chip trails, remove old fencing and clear brush.  Special events will include installing the long awaited Kiosk at the entrance of the preserve and acknowledging the donation of five additional acres to the Grove.  The Grove of Old Trees is LandPaths’ first “People Powered Park” and is stewarded primarily during this Annual Grove Stewardship Day & Potluck Lunch. 

Special Guests: Emily Burns, Director of Science from Save the Redwoods League, Meghan Walla-Murphy, Wildlife Tracker and Environmental Educator, and invited guest Gary Carmignani, representative of the Stanchfield Trust.

Additional information:

Occidental, CA (November 7th, 2013) From its inception as a LandPaths-owned, publically accessible preserve in the year 2000, the Grove of Old Trees on Fitzpatrick Lane in Occidental has remained an enduring model of neighbors and community members working together to ensure the protection, conservation, and ongoing stewardship of this magnificent stand of ancient trees.  The Grove of Old Trees stands apart as theonlyprivately-owned wildland preserve in Sonoma County that is publicly accessible and free to all.

This year there is much to celebrate.  In keeping with over a decade of neighbor and community support for these towering and awe-inspiring trees, LandPaths is delighted to announce that Grove neighbors Alan and Gordana Stanchfield have bequeathed five additional acres to the preserve, to be protected forever and open to the public. 

In a decision brimming with exemplary foresight and vision, the Stanchfields resolved that upon their passing a portion of their estate would go into a “forever wild” status, mandating that none of the old trees could ever be cut down.  Early in 2013, LandPaths gratefully stepped forward to help manifest this vision by incorporating five additional acres of the Stanchfield’s estate into the Grove of Old Trees. The public preserve now includes 33 acres of ridge-top, old-growth forest, providing essential habitat and a refuge where people can wander among trees that have persevered since well before the time of Columbus, dating back more than 1,000 years.

This Sunday LandPaths will be celebrating and stewarding these five new acres at the 14th Annual Grove Stewardship and Potluck Lunch.  We warmly invite the public to join neighbors and friends on November 10th, from 8:45am-3:00pm at the Grove of Old Trees in Occidental.  

Following a morning of collective stewardship beneath the Old Trees, folks are invited to take part in a festive potluck lunch and two brief lectures from expert speakers Emily Burns (Director of Science from Save the Redwoods League) and Meghan Walla-Murphy (Wildlife Tracker and Environmental Educator).  Lunch and guest speakers will take place at the house of a neighbor. The public is welcome to attend the work and/or food/social portions of the day. 

Pre-registration is required for this event.  Please follow this link for more information and to register:  /eventdetails.aspx?EventId=17180 or call LandPaths at 707-544-7284 ext. 10.

“I thank you for moving parks into the center of Sonoma County society. …before the Grove of Old Trees event, I truly had not imagined all the possibilities for human and societal growth that our public lands hold.”  ~ LandPaths Participant, November 2011

Brief History of the Grove of Old Trees

LandPaths became the stewards of the Grove of the Old Trees in September 2000 with the assistance of the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, Save-The-Redwoods-League, California Coastal Conservancy and numerous generous private individuals and families. A group of county residents - "Friends of the Old Trees" - pioneered the years-long campaign to save this remnant stand from being logged. Absolutely instrumental in the final successful push to preserve this grove was Director of Sonoma County Regional Parks, and founding LandPaths board member, Caryl Hart. 

The Grove is a vibrant reminder of a redwood stand that escaped the common fate of other such stands throughout the surrounding area-logging. Historically, the families that owned the Grove operated sawmills locally, yet upheld a tradition of sparing this Grove, using it instead as a family gathering place. However, in the 1990's this changed. Within the Grove it is not hard to spot blue stripes painted on selected trees. The blue stripes were made by a forester, working for the former owners, to indicate which trees were to be cut in the first phase of the approved Timber Harvest Plan. Thanks to the many activists, neighbors, and concerned citizens that worked to preserve the Grove, these blue stripes now symbolize a fate unrealized. 

About LandPaths

LandPaths, established in 1996, is a Sonoma County-based nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a love of the land.   We provide exceptional learning experiences and inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship. LandPaths enables residents to experience the beauty of Sonoma County, understand the value of regional ecosystems and local open spaces, and assist in stewarding the land. LandPaths works with public agencies, community groups, individuals and other nonprofits to accomplish this mission. 

For more information about LandPaths and the 14th Annual Grove Stewardship and Potluck Lunch, please visit

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