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Free Lunch and a Chance to "Unplug"

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Free Lunch is back again this year for nearly 100 kids each weekday all summer at Bayer Farm in Roseland. Redwood Empire Food Bank provides a hot meal, LandPaths provides an outdoor gathering place for eating and playing, robust volunteer assistance, and nature-based and health programming.  Free lunch is offered at Bayer Farm to youth 18 and under, Monday-Friday 12:15-1:15pm through August 9th. 

At the heart of Bayer Farm's Free Lunch program is a group of 15 neighborhood volunteers who are stepping up to be a key part of this six-acre, people-powered farm-park.  And they do not stop at lunch! After eating, kids and families gather for crafts, gardening, free-play, or to learn about local park access, recycling, water conservation and nutrition from visiting partners- Regional Parks,Northern California Center for Well-Being and C2 Alternative Services.

Each year, more folks are choosing Bayer Farm for their Free Lunch site.  Maybe it is what these volunteers are contributing.

Alongside a hot meal, kids and families are offered something just as vital as lunch - a chance to meet mentors and gather with community, an opportunity to spend time "unplugged" outdoors each day, to have fun, relieve stress, and learn new skills.

LandPaths is proud of our volunteers.  This dedicated group at Bayer Farm is establishing a connection to the land and the community, while taking the time to reach out and spread the word to neighbors and friends.  Thank you!  

Please contact us by clicking here if you are interested in presenting at the Free Lunch program.

Posted by Meg Hamill at 12:29
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