Another Magical Year at Owl Camp

Another Magical Year at Owl Camp

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Three weeks of Owl Camp ended on Friday, and it’s hard to believe how much fun we packed into such a short time.  This year at camp we met a real Great Horned Owl, a Barn Owl and a Pygmy Owl.  We tipped canoes and made bows and arrows.  We swam in Mark West Creek and found Pacific Giant Salamanders lurking in its depths. 

We made stepping stones and clay planter pots with the help of Richard “Mapache” Baril and Dolores “Daffodil” Baril.  We harvested from the organic garden onsite and made mashed potatoes from fresh-dug potatoes, quesadillas with kale and ate sunflower seeds straight from the flower.  We made soil from a compost pile. 

We built a raft from scratch and took it out for a ride.  We had run-ins with yellow jackets.  We learned how to skin snakes from Betty, and we sang “De Colores” around a candle after feasting on our potluck meal with family and friends.  Some of us spent the night and experienced our first shooting star.  We sang songs and went hiking and scraped our knees and learned from each other. 

We made friends and memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.  Maybe some of us learned for the first time how magical it can be to spend an entire week outdoors.  Maybe some of us formed a relationship to the land that will forever affect the way we live our lives. Thank you to everyone who donated time, energy, money and love to make Owl Camp possible.  We couldn’t have done it without your support.

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