Kids Cooking at Bayer Farm with Direction 5!!

Kids Cooking at Bayer Farm with Direction 5!!

Direction 5  Thanks to Direction5!!


Thanks to the support from DirectionFive, dozens of children and their parentsfrom Bayer Farm were able to partake in a workshop series that focused on healthy cooking.  Children learned different cutting techniques that rivaled popular chefs on TV, while enjoying many of the healthy vegetables from our Bayer Farm garden.  When the mincing, julienning and dicing was done, children, parents and volunteers were able to enjoy a wonderful healthy meal.


DirectionFive focuses on creating an avenue for kids to learn about ways to live healthier and happier lives based on the following principals:


  1. When kids are part of the process, they are more likely to be part of the solution.
  2. Kids are our source of inspiration and innovation.
  3. Each child has a unique set of abilities and insights to be heard and supported.
  4. Our community is your community. Where there are kids who want to learn, is where we’ll be.
  5. Our goal is to provide our programs to as many kids as possible. Therefore we offer a teacher training program to qualified adults.
  6. We will make learning interesting and fun. The word will spread. Health: Exponentially.1


On behalf of Bayer Farm and all of LandPaths, many thanks to DirectionFive, the volunteers and the sponsors for making this educational and yummy series possible at Bayer Farm.


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