Supporter Spotlight: Pamela Domino

Supporter Spotlight: Pamela Domino

Pamela Domino Bayer Farm DonorPamela Domino is a local RN MSN and Roseland community member who studied Social Behavior in her undergraduate studies and is a strong advocate for Public Health.  Living just on the edge of Roseland since her move to the area fromPetalumain 1997, she loves this community and appreciates the vibrancy and diversity of the neighborhood.  “Roseland Rocks!” she says. 

She came to Bayer Farm through Rotary West as a member of their Red Badgers, a group of new Rotarians who sponsored our fruit tree orchard and other programs during their initial year in the club.  She was touched by the values inherent in the Bayer Farm project and continues to stay involved through volunteering, a recurring monthly donation, and as an annual Tree Adopter!

Pamela was fortunate to be raised in a family that was very connected to their culinary roots.  Her Italian and Irish heritage emphasized the importance of home-cooked meals, growing your own veggies and herbs, and limiting sweets or packaged foods.  She is thankful for this early education in eating healthy, but notes that many people do not have the same good fortune.

Many people, Pamela notes, lack the financial resources or education to make healthy food choices.  This is a tragedy in our times, as the worse we eat the poorer our health.  The epidemic of diabetes and obesity that Roseland and many working class communities experience is primarily caused by poor diet.  Healthy nutrition is a form of preventative medicine that prevents chronic diseases, and it is important that people have access and awareness of the power of our food!

What she sees in Bayer Farm is the opportunity for a community to change its health through experiential education and practical food-growing.  Some children barely know what a vegetable is these days, but when they help to plant it, tend it and harvest it, suddenly a fresh green bean or strawberry is better than candy!  In addition to the better taste, there is more opportunity for family bonding and deeper meaning when it is home-grown – and once the kids get excited, the parents have a much easier time making sure their children get the nutrition they need.

In Roseland, where many families lack even a balcony on which to put a container garden, the resource of Bayer Farm is an incredibly effective way to not only introduce nutritious produce into people’s daily lives, but to build a stronger community based around healthy choices, a connection to the land, and family unity.  Pamela is enthusiastic about the future of this “Slice of Beauty” and sees what we have done so far as just the beginning. 

Pamela, we are honored to share this beginning with you and we Thank You for contributing in so many ways to our shared future! 

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