Camper in Leadership Training Program at Owl Camp (for ages 11-13)

Camper in Leadership Training Program at Owl Camp (for ages 11-13)


LandPaths is delighted to be offering the Camper in Leadership Training (C.I.L.T.) Program once again at Owl Camp in 2013! Owl Camp is a nature-based day camp for students aged 5-13, located at Rancho Mark West off St. Helena Road. The C.I.L.T. program is designed specifically for students aged 11-13 who are looking for a challenging outdoor camp experience where they can learn new skills, enhance leadership potential, and foster a lasting sense of community among their peers.

Campers in this age group will engage in a week-long advanced project, such as building a raft, as well as serve as mentors to the younger campers.  C.I.L.T.S are the ONLY YOUTH invited to camp out at the property on Thursday Night, a meaningful opportunity that allows for sunrise canoe-adventures, night-hikes and sleeping under the stars (or in a tent!)

Click here to learn more about Owl Camp and the Camper in Leadership Training Program.  Space in this program is limited.  Scholarships & Transportation assistance may be available. 

In this photo, a group of last year's Campers in Leadership Training, having met their challenge, prepare to launch a camp-made raft, using paddles they designed themselves!

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