Celebrating Land, Culture and Harvest at Bayer Farm

Celebrating Land, Culture and Harvest at Bayer Farm


Bayer Farm Harvest

Aztec Dancers, here at last year's Harvest Festival, perform barefoot and on the ground. It is vital for the dance that the dancers have a direct connection with the land. The dancers are one of several cultural traditions with strong roots to nature that will once again be shared and celebrated at this year's LandPaths Bayer Farm Harvest Festival, September 28th, 2-5pm.

Here in Sonoma County, the abundance of healthy food that hangs ripe on the vine at this time of year is worth marveling at, and celebrating.  Community gardeners, alongside neighbors, invite you to LandPaths' 6th annual Harvest Festival on September 28th from 2-5pm at Bayer Farm.

At LandPaths' Bayer Farm in Roseland, community gardeners tend their individual plots and collective teaching garden throughout the year, learning, teaching and practicing "beyond organic" farming techniques that ensure healthy soil for years to come and delicious fruits and vegetables that are now ready for harvest.

40 local families each year "rent" a garden plot at Bayer Farm for a small fee and an investment of time, reaping and sowing an abundance of traditional foods (such as tomatillos and chilacoyote- a Mexican spaghetti squash) that supply their families with an ongoing nutritious link to their cultural history and new foods from local growing traditions (kale, fruit trees, and Luther Burbank's spineless cactus!). Spending time each week tending their plots alongside other families, builds relationships and provides children with a safe, familiar outdoor space to romp in and explore.

This year's event will include Aztec and Mexican Folkloric Dance, the Imaganistas Theatre Collective, Andean musicians, the Love Choir, and of course - a potluck.  We invite the larger Sonoma County community, encouraging everyone to add their own "flavor" to the day, by bringing a Harvest Potluck Dish that speaks to their own cultural traditions and garden bounty.  In an ongoing attempt to lighten our footprint and take the next step in caring for Bayer Farm and the Earth itself, we request everyone bring their own plates, cups and utensils to this event.

Around the world, communities gather at Harvest time to celebrate bounty and seasonal rhythms through their cultural heritage, with local food being the centerpiece that draws everyone together. 

Please join us at Bayer Farm, as we gather in community to honor the splendant diversity of culture, recipes, dances, songs and language that exist within Sonoma County, and to spend a moment in reverence of the land itself, acknowledging its bounty at this time of year, alongside its powerful role to act as teacher, releiver of stress, and the glue that holds communities together.

The Bayer Farm Harvest Festival will take place at Bayer Farm on September 28th, 2-5pm.  Please bring a potluck dish to share and your own dishes and utensils.  Click here for more info.  No RSVP required.


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