Sonoma County Volunteer of the Month: 'Lizard' Liz Landreth

Sonoma County Volunteer of the Month: 'Lizard' Liz Landreth

Liz smileLandPaths volunteer Liz Landreth has been named Volunteer of the Month by the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County!  “Lizard” Liz Landreth has been a volunteer for LandPaths' programs  'In Your Own Back Yard' (IOOBY) and 'Owl Camp' teaching children the wonders and joy of the outdoors for 7 years, focusing on natural history topics: Discovery and Exploration, Watersheds, Habitat, and Stewardship.  Also, recently, Liz was our Chair for our first ever Autumn in the Vineyards dinner and fundraising event, which celebrated Landpaths' 16th year anniversary of fostering a love of the land in Sonoma County and creating ways for people to experience its beauty and value.

Liz has been an amazing IOOBY mentor. She has so much enthusiasm to share with the kids,  she is funny and truly a kid herself!  She repeatedly spoke to donors about our programs and successfully encouraged others to volunteer too!  For the fundraiser Liz started as a team member and was willing to take on additional responsibility as the event itself became more complicated. She increased the number of VIP's, elected officials, and additional volunteers to help power the event.  In addition to coordination skills of both staff and the larger event committee, Liz's work included technical writing on all written outreach materials.

Liz truly gets and values the mission of LandPaths and shares it broadly.  She is a phenomenal volunteer in that her interests and skills span from professional business woman with excellent communication and organizational skills to happy-to-engage with the kids and other volunteers in the field in a light-hearted way.  She understands and lives our mission and is an absolutely invaluable member of our team!  You can view the Volunteer of the Month video here!

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Why LandPaths is near and dear to my heart.   The qualities that make LandPaths a special organization with very special people….. from A to Z.

A is for: adept, able, and adventuresome, B is for bright, in spirit and in intellect

C is for clever, curious, and caring, D is for dedicated and dogged (in pursuing your goals)

E is for engaging, enterprising and effective, F is for …. Are you kidding!  Fun!

G is for generous of spirit and temperament, and goal-minded, H is for hardworking, honest, honorable,

I is for… (had fun with the i’s)…. Ideaphoric, innovative, industrious, intelligent, inquisitive inspirational, invigorating

J is for joyous and judicious, K is for kind and knowledgeable

L is for loving,  level-leaded and “leadershipness,”  M is for mindful and memorable

N is for nimble, O is for observant

P is for progressive, playful, professional, patient, persistent, practical and perspecatious

Q is for questioning, quick thinking and quiet,  R is for resourceful, risk-taking, restless (not complacent)

S is for strategic, smart, seeking and savy, T is for team-spirited, talented, tough, tender and tireless

U is for understanding, unsatisfied (again always looking to improve), V is for versatile

W is for wise, wonderful, and world-opening, X is for exacting and expeditious

Y is for youthful in your approach to life, Z is for zestful


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that I have learned from you.  It’s been a joy in my life to know you all.




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