Seven Years and Over 100 Outings

Seven Years and Over 100 Outings

Taylor Mountain Fireworks Climb

Making that 4th of July sunset climb to the crest of Taylor Mountain Regional Park's first grassy knoll, spreading a blanket and being rewarded with what may be the best fireworks show in town, is now an Independence Day tradition for hundreds ofSonoma County, CA residents - spanning all ages and cultures.

LandPaths' pivotal role at Taylor Mountain came to a close when Regional Parks officially took over on March 1, 2013. Or so we thought! We received so many requests for the July 4th event, that Regional Parks, the Open Space District and LandPaths declared this outing back by popular demand.

LandPaths is incredibly proud of our legacy at Taylor Mountain. Since 2006, we provided over 100 creative outings to Taylor Mountain, including ample bilingual and Spanish language opportunities. In 2010 we implemented one of our signature interim access programs to get you out to the Mountain on your own and when you want. Nearly 3,000 permits later, in both English and Spanish, and three years before the Mountain became a Regional Park, you got to explore this place. During orientations, outings and community outreach, we assisted in getting the word out for the Master Plan Process - so you could add your input and insight to the future Regional Park.

The BIG story in Taylor Mountain is three local conservation groups working together - the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District who spent a decade buying the parcels of land that now make up Taylor Mountain, LandPaths who provided bilingual access to the Mountain and community engagement during the planning process, and Sonoma County Regional Parks, who took over ownership of the land and opened the gates for the long term. This 4th of July we celebrated our nation's birthday, and an exemplary partnership serving the public good. 

As planned, LandPaths happily worked ourselves out of a job as interim access provider, and Taylor Mountain, right outside the city center, is now a 1,000-acre community jewel.

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