Thank You 2013 Owl Camp Donors

Thank You 2013 Owl Camp Donors

The benevolence of this community is an inspiration.  Thanks to your generosity, we have met our goal of raising $12,000 for the 2013 Owl Camp Tuition & Transportation Scholarship Fund.  This fund will allow 40 youth who otherwise would not have had the opportunity, a chance to attend Owl Camp this Summer, spending a full week out-of-doors-- swimming, canoeing, cooking from the garden, nature-crafting, and making new friends.  This fund will also ensure a daily van service for 11 campers each week, from Roseland to Rancho Mark West, as we've found transportation to be the greatest obstacle for some families.  We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who donated to Owl Camp this year.  Please scroll down for a list of donors, and donors stay tuned for a camper greeting "from the field."

Owl Camp 2012 Kids In Creek With Alfredo

Gloria Hannon Scholarship Fund
John and Johanna Knight
Inga Schaefer
Catherine Smith
Alicia Norse
Calpine Visitors Center
Lee Hackeling
Friends of the Mark West Watershed
Lex McCorvey and Peggy Flynn
Tina Hannon
Eleanor Kneibler
Lilith Rogers
Stephen Harper
Elizabeth Landreth
Carole Hale
Gail Dubinsky Spielman
Kathleen Ashbrook
Richard and Katherine Harkness
Mary Ann Huckabay
Joan Hackeling
Jeanne Schulz
Meg Hamill
Nancy Curdts
Lee Hackeling
Christine Peterson
Mirin Lew
Ashley Hamlett
Warren Watkins
Melva Freeman
Louisa Leavitt
Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary Club
Ruth Wilson
Kate Symonds
Claire Buck Werner
Anthony Mountain and Cheryl Maynard
Madrone Audubon Society
Colin McNamara
Sharon Fisher
Anonymous via Bayer Farm Harvest Festival
Richard Radcliffe
Joseph McNeany
Katherine Laffan
Richard Heifetz
Wendy Born
Natasha Granoff
Erin Sheffield
Arlene Weis
Naydra Kauwe
Alexander Valley Union School Club
Dru Ann Parks
Lee McCarthey Smith
Nancy Highman
Tricia Goldberg
Tracy Mattson
Jennifer Jiminez
Janet Lakshmanan
Harriet Buckwalter
Kirsten Miller
Jana Roche
Active 20-30 Club of the Redwood Empire #1029



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