My Friend, My Boss

My Friend, My Boss

Jag at CooleyIt had been raining very hard all morning.  The staff had been sequestered inside in front of our computers, watching the rain from our office nest above Fourth Street.

In the afternoon, the rain stopped.  JAG stood up at his desk, “Let’s all go look at the creek!” We pulled on coats, and headed to Juilliard Park to the bridge over Santa Rosa Creek.  We all peered down the surging brown water, roaring, further up on its banks than I had ever seen it.  We exchanged “Wows” and just watched it take its bounty to the Laguna.


JAG was positive spontaneity wrapped in enthusiasm. His delight in a brimming Laguna and amazing clouds washed over all of us who had the privilege to work him and be in the big outside with him.  He was a good friend and an inspiration. 

-Linda Weathers


A Public Memorial for Jonathan Glass will be held on Saturday, March 23, at the Friedman Center in Santa Rosa, 4676 Mayette Avenue.  The Program will begin at 2:00pm with a reception to follow.

A lasting and fitting tribute to Jonathan is already being discussed and will be developed by LandPaths at one of its preserves.  At some point in the future following both Jonathan’s memorial and an opportunity to discuss our ideas with his family we will unveil this idea to our community.

To support Jonathan’s wife and daughter in the wake of Jonathan’s passing, their family has set up a memorial fund to help Amie and Eden Rose Glass with personal expenses.  You can find more information on this fund by following this link:

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