Bring Summer Back! Give the Gift of Owl Camp

Bring Summer Back! Give the Gift of Owl Camp

Offer Kids a True Taste of Summer at Owl Camp!

Help us bring back a true taste of summer for all the kids— canoeing, splashing in a cool creek, looking under rocks, and building forts until exhaustion hits— by supporting LandPaths’ Owl Camp Scholarship Drive 2014. 

With your support, this summer, LandPaths will:

Outreach to the kids that need Owl Camp most. LandPaths reaches out to families, with special attention to communities where the idea of summer camp may be unheard of, or only an unattainable dream.  Scholarships bring Owl Camp, and an enriching summer camp experience 

Get kids to camp—literally.  The reality is that many scholarship families are one-car families, with that car dedicated to the wage- earner.  LandPaths provides a ride to camp; your donation supports a camp van picking up and dropping off at Bayer Farm in Roseland each day.within reach. 

Model Diversity.  In ecology diversity is a strength, it the same with our community.  Owl Camp is a place where all kids can experience the richness of difference and recognize our common connection to nature – while having fun!

Do what LandPaths does best!  Kids can listen to a story in cave, be amazed by what an ant can carry, ponder a hole in a tree, sit within a sunflower tee-pee, eat kale (yes!) from the garden, and meet a real live owl, all the while learning from talented environmental educators.   

Your donation of $350 provides one child with tuition and transportation to camp for a week. Our 
goal is to provide a minimum of 50 camp scholarships this year. Help us meet our Owl Camp goal of $20,000 by April 22nd (Earth Day!).  

We are already nearly a third of the way there! As of today, we've raised $6,450 for Owl Camp 2014.

Click here to donate.  To ensure that your donation is directed to the Owl Camp Scholarship Fund, please "dedicate" your donation "in honor of" Owl Camp
. Thanks to the William Hurt Foundation, we have a challenge donation of $5,000 toward our goal.  Please give as generously as you can. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.   


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