IOOBY Students Discover and Explore!

IOOBY Students Discover and Explore!

In Our Own Back Yard teaches your child science, math, even language arts through hands-on learning. Each outdoor visit provides a great opportunity to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom, introduce new and exciting experiences for student learning, and the possibility of fueling the curiosity and imagination of your child!

By the end of the year, your child will be an accomplished recycler, have undertaken a stewardship project to help the land, and used nature as a outdoor classroom to hone skills necessary for academic success.  And, they will probably sleep very well after these field days.  The adventure will be all the more powerful, if you join in by asking questions, being interested, and if you can, getting outdoors to see your child in action.

The classes first visit was dedicated to Discovery and Exploration. On this field day students get to know their adopted property, right down to choosing a specific place associated with their site. Most trips included a LOT of hiking to get a sense of place. Here are some other activities that your child may have participated in:

(1) Duplication scavenger hunts engage your child’s memory and identification skills and beg groups to find duplicates of collected natural objects. We come together for discussion and comparison.

(2) Garbage relay game is an interactive way to teach your child about where our trash goes; how to sort recycling, compost, re- useable, and trash items, and our “leave no trace” policy.

(3) Sit Spots are a time for your child to find solace in nature. We hope to dedicate up to 30 minutes each trip to quiet, solo observations. Your child will return to the same spot on each visit and develop their own, personal relationship with the big outside.

(4) Song and Dance gets your kids moving and singing each morning. Ask your kids if they can remember the Roots, Stems, Leaves song.

(5) Garden activities were accomplished at Rancho Mark West and Bayer Farm. A beautiful spread of salsas, chips, and fresh garden salads and quesadillas with veggies were prepared for your children to enjoy!

What is IOOBY?
IOOBY stands for In Our Own BackYard. IOOBY is LandPaths' premier environmental education program that aims to cultivate a level of comfort in, connection to, and informed appreciation of the outdoors for students involved. Through four theme- based field trips, we hope to awaken each students' senses to the world around them through discovery and exploration, enliven their curiosity about the natural world through fun- filled investigations of their own watersheds and local habitats, and ultimately, inspire them to respect, protect, and steward the land.



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