IOOBY Students Steward the Land

IOOBY Students Steward the Land

Adventures with IOOBY keep on rolling. Because we’ve been learning so much about the land on which we depend, it’s time to give back during our Stewardship themed field trip!

Stewardship is the act of taking care of nature. This can take all kinds of forms. We can serve as stewards to the land in simple daily acts like sorting our garbage into recycling, compost, re- useable, and landfill items; conserving water every chance we get; picking up trash, even if it’s not our own; and choosing to walk or bike instead of driving our cars. Work with you family to find new ways to steward the land together. Consider getting out into the land with your family through hikes or stewardship workdays offered by LandPaths. You can find a full listing of our outings on our website.

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Our Stewardship field day asks students to roll up their sleeves, get gloves and tools in their hands, and lend a hand to care for nature. With you child’s help, we have accomplished many conservation goals all around the county. Some examples of the projects we’ve completed this year are:

Removing invasive plants like fennel, Himalayan blackberry, and English ivy. Invasive plants compete with our natives for resources like water and nutrients in the soil, and especially SPACE. This makes it difficult for native animals to find the resources they need to maintain the natural balance unique to Sonoma County.

Planting native plants to increase native plant diversity, serve as food and shelter for the whole native food web, stabilize soils along creeks and waterways, and add to the beauty of our native landscape.

Building Trails is an important way to insure that nature can be enjoyed by humans. We built, expanded upon, and fortified trails throughout the county.

Spreading the Word about Stewardship through painting “creek flags” that let the wind carry our paint hopes and dreams for nature around the world AND by handing out brochures to neighborhoods around our restoration sites.

Our prayrer flags and restoration work at Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve was mentioned in a recent Press Democrat article. Read the article here!

Redwood Sit SpotWhat is IOOBY?
IOOBY stands for In Our Own BackYard. IOOBY is LandPaths' premier environmental education program that aims to cultivate a level of comfort in, connection to, and informed appreciation of the outdoors for students involved. Through four theme- based field trips, we hope to awaken each students' senses to the world around them through discovery and exploration, enliven their curiosity about the natural world through fun- filled investigations of their own watersheds and local habitats, and ultimately, inspire them to respect, protect, and steward the land.

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