LandPaths Executive Director Formally Recognized by Board of Supervisors

LandPaths Executive Director Formally Recognized by Board of Supervisors

Craig with Board of SUPES

Craig Anderson was formally recognized for his leadership on Tuesday by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.  From Left:  Bill Keene, General Manager of the SCAPOSD, Caryl Hart, Director of Regional Parks, David Rabbitt, Supervisor, Craig Anderson, Executive Director of LandPaths, Mike McGuire, Supervisor, Sue Gorin, Supervisor and Efren Carrillo, Supervisor

Sue Gorin, who presented the "Adopt a Gold Resolution" to Craig, in affirmation of his being named the 2014 "Conservation Hero" by Bay Nature, stated: "We are congratulating Craig for his entire body of work and everything that he has done along with other wonderful people to create LandPaths, such an important community partner of ours." 

Efren Carillo added: "You’ve served as an inspiration to this a thoughtful, provocative leader...It’s not just the conservation and the stewardship of the land that’s important but it's connecting families and kids." 

And David Rabbit offered this: "There are far too many kids in this county who live in the midst of such a wonderful environment and are either homebound or are neighborhood-bound or city-bound. They don’t really have the opportunity to feel the sand under their feet or hike a trail and see the trees and the sun coming through the trees and everything else. So the idea that relationships with the land start with relationships with people is something that I really get from you, Craig, and I appreciate that so much.  I think it’s so important to make sure that everyone in the county understands what's around us, the beauty and the wide variety of landscapes that we have."

Very well said, and Congratulations, Craig!

Click here to watch the presentation by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, including additional comments by Craig and Mike McGuire. (Craig's recognition begins around the 45 minute mark.)

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