Give The Gift of An Old-Fashioned Summer at Owl Camp

Give The Gift of An Old-Fashioned Summer at Owl Camp

Kids Pond"Owl Camp gave my kids an opportunity to feel a part of something, to learn amazing amounts of outdoor/environmental knowledge, hike, play in a creek, canoe in a lake and make art and food! It was truly the best day camp experience they ever had."

- Briana Herrod, Mom of two Owl Campers, 2014 


Donate today.  

(For our records, please "dedicate" your donation to Owl Camp)

Last year LandPaths gave the gift of an old-fashioned summer - an entire week spent out of doors, canoeing, swimming, searching for insects, carving wood and building teepees - to 52 of Sonoma County’s most deserving kids. Please join LandPaths again this year as we strive bring the summer camp experience within reach to all of Sonoma County’s families, and offer your support to LandPaths’ Owl Camp Scholarship drive 2015.

Thanks to the support of the community, in 2014:

  • LandPaths offered 52 scholarships (40% of our camper body!) to Sonoma County families.

  • LandPaths partnered with the Migrant Education Chapter in Sonoma County to offer the Owl Camp experience to farm worker children in Sonoma County.

  • The Owl Camp van transported 42 students from Roseland to Rancho Mark West throughout the course of the summer.  Roseland, in Southwest Santa Rosa, is identified as the most underserved community in the County

  • Campers canoed, built native drums and secret forts, harvested and cooked vegetables from the organic garden, swam in Mark West Creek and constructed a teepee, all the while developing deep connections with the land and with each other. 

Please consider donating to LandPaths’ Owl Camp fund this year.  With your continued support, in 2015 LandPaths will:

Get the Kids to Camp Who Need it Most.  LandPaths puts our boots on the ground to get the word out in the communities where the idea of summer camp may be brand new, or simply an unattainable dream. Our bilingual staff members do the majority of their outreach for Owl Camp one on one with families in the field.

Respond to Real Life Obstacles Families Face.  The reality is that many scholarship families are one car families, with that car dedicated to the wage earner.  LandPaths provides a ride to camp—your donation supports a camp van picking up at Bayer Farm in Roseland to Camp each day.

Forge Partnerships.  LandPaths strives to diversify our camper body and our curriculum through partnerships, which enrich the overall camp experience for everyone.  In 2015, LandPaths will work alongside The Imaginists, a local community-based theatre troupe, to infuse Camp with puppet and theatre magic. 

Foster a Sense of Wonder.  Kids can help construct a native teepee, eat swiss chard in their quesadillas, meet a real barn owl, drop their jaw at the size of a Pacific Giant Salamander, splash in a pristine creek, all the while learning from talented environmental educators and nature mentors.  

Your donation of $350 provides one child with tuition and transportation to camp for a week.   Our goal is to provide a minimum of 40 camp scholarships this year.  Help us meet our Owl Camp goal of $15,000 by Wednesday, April 22 (Earth Day!). 

Please consider donating now to offer a child the truly impactful and lasting gift of a week at Owl Camp. Thank you!

 Many thanks to Amy's Kitchen, the Active 20-30 Club, Women of the Redwood Empire #1029 and the Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary Club for their generous support of the Owl Camp Scholarship Fund in 2015.




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