IOOBY students find life in our local creeks

IOOBY students find life in our local creeks

As the school year moves ahead, your child is heading out into nature with IOOBY and learning more about the land that is their home. Our recent field trips have focused on water: why humans need it, how it moves through the landscape, and how important it is for our health and the heath of the environment.

Learn more about what we did on our field trips below and ask them questions about what they learned. Remember, you are your child’s most important teacher. And their experiences will be all the more powerful if they share them with you.

We just have one field trip to go! Talk to your child's teacher if you'd like to join us as a chaperone. Thank your teacher for their ongoing dedication to help make IOOBY happen for your child. And please, consider helping IOOBY continue for many children to come by volunteering or making a donation.

Jessica Leading Salmon Life Cycles
During this field trip we talked a lot about water: why humans need it, how it moves through the landscape, and how important it is for our health and the health of the environment! Below are some activities that your child may have participated in. These are all great things to ask your child about to get them talking about their time in nature!

(1) SINGING THE WATER CYCLE BOOGIE  This fun song and dance illustrates some important steps of the water cycle. Can your child sing it for you? What are the main phases of the water cycle?

Ask your child what critter they got to draw. Can they remember how it breathes under water?

Lucky Lynx With Big Smile And Big Mushroom(3) WATER QUALITY TESTING 
This introduction to water chemistry helps IOOBY students learn about water quality and how humans can impact the health of our water. What did they learn about the quality of water at their IOOBY site? What can we do to improve water quality?

are a time for your child to find solace in nature. Since this is the second time they've visited, ask them how their sit spot has changed since their first visit. How did rain alter the landscape?

We saw TONS of things that you can only see during the rainy season... like slugs, earthworms, salamanders, fresh moss, footprints in the mud, and MORE! Ask your child what they saw that they could only see during the rainy season.


What is IOOBY?

IOOBY stands for In Our Own BackYard. IOOBY is LandPaths' premier environmental education program that aims to cultivate a level of comfort in, connection to, and informed appreciation of the outdoors for students involved. Through four theme- based field trips, we hope to awaken each students' senses to the world around them through discovery and exploration, enliven their curiosity about the natural world through fun- filled investigations of their own watersheds and local habitats, and ultimately, inspire them to respect, protect, and steward the land.

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