Announcing LandPaths’ TrekSonoma ~ First Trip - August 7-8-9

Announcing LandPaths’ TrekSonoma ~ First Trip - August 7-8-9

Encounter the Unexpected in the Journey Right Here Before You: Announcing LandPaths’ TrekSonoma ~ First Trip - August 7-8-9


Imagine a three-day walk with friends new and old, a walk (or paddle, or ride) that stitches together your local landscape beneath your feet, you beneath the open sky of forest and farm field alike…walking, sleeping at day’s end, then departing comemorning after a hearty, locally-sourced breakfast.  Imagine that this journey unfolds over those days entirely apart from the automobile.   This is but one aspect of the larger vision forTrekSonoma

Given that humans traversed the landscape in this way for millennia, aside from the ease afforded by the automobile, why have we gotten so far from it?  That’s a question we asked ourselves originally in 2009 when LandPaths piloted the first “TrekSonoma” exploration starting at Shell Beach’s high tide line up and over park and trail and road, all the way to journey’s end at Freestone three days later. 

Bohemia Tents

With a boost from seed funds from a dear friend of LandPaths, we are embarking on an ambitious schedule in 2015 – 2016 to pilot new TrekSonoma journeys.  We will go only where we are invited to prove that the confluence of interconnected open landscapes, local businesses providing us food and shelter and our peoples’ thirst for the everyday adventure awaiting us here, at home, is a powerful equation for good.  We will pilot THREE distinct TrekSonoma Journeys this calendar year – and a fourth for high-school aged students next year.

From the start we must emphasize that this LandPaths initiative will only succeed with a great partnership effort with community leaders, public agencies and local businesses.  Building on the first three (two hikes, one paddle traversing the Russian River) Treks starting in 2009, we are adding landowners and partnering organizations as we pioneer various routes.  

Announcing our first 2015 Trek: Sea to Bohemia ~ Friday, August 7 – Sunday, August 9.

We are committed to building a network of routes where we all can walk-roll-paddle, where our children can do this with their schoolmates, where we are welcomed as we pass through, and where we can refocus energy on healthy land, healthy people, healthy community.   We will focus on local food and vistas and celebrating the great natural resources and agricultural landscapes of Sonoma County.  We will focus on the story of each mile and the narrative from everyone that shares the trail with us.  And we will endeavor to make these opportunities available to people of great and modest means.    

Are you in? 

Additional TrekSonoma Journeys to be announced soon!  Click here to learn more about Sea to Bohemia August 7 - 9.  

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