The Imaginists Bring Theatre (and Rain!) to Owl Camp

The Imaginists Bring Theatre (and Rain!) to Owl Camp

Imaginists Owl campThis year LandPaths’ Owl Camp collaborated with beloved local theatre collective The Imaginists for a week of theatre, storytelling and BIG fun. Campers spent a part of each day working with the Imaginists in preparation for a Friday performance. The traditional play, Rain Finds a Home in the Sky was taken from a Southern Pomo/Coast Miwok story adapted by Greg Sarris. Each camper took on the role of an animal, or “Rain” itself and enacted important lessons regarding living in community.  In the end, Rain speaks to the cast of creatures from above: “The village must rely on each other, sharing their memories and stories on how to tend to the

lands and to each other.” This story was perfectly resonant with one of the most important outcomes of Owl Camp over the summer and years– the building of community.  With a 44% rate of returning campers, Owl Camp is a place many young people have come to rely upon year after year for expanding and strengthening their social structure.  As one parent of a longtime camper told us, “Owl Camp has taken the pressure off of school friendships.”  

LandPaths offered 44 campers a scholarship this year, and provided a van service from Roseland for those campers most in need.  We partnered with the local Migrant Education chapter to offer the Owl Camp Experience to five youth whose families travel for work. The scholarship and transportation program combined allow Owl Camp to become accessible to pretty much everyone, and allows our camper body to take on a true reflection of the vibrant cultural diversity of Sonoma County.  Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors, who helped to bring the experience of Owl Camp within reach to these 44 youth:

Amy’s Kitchen, Active 20-30 Club of the Redwood Empire, Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary, W.S. Badger Company Inc,  The Heck Foundation, Calpine, Western Farm Center, Karen Clark, Elaine Gutsch, Michele Larkin, Marcela Ronan, Judy Bellows, Rick and Sue Kavinoky, Meg Beeler and Tom von Tersch, Lee Hackeling and Craig Anderson, Kathy Laffan, Jane Lang, Jack and Tracy Mattson, Abigail Zoger and Jedd Parker, Richard and Darla Radcliffe, Jean Forsyth Schulz, Jane and Mike Witkowski, Alyson Butler, Griffin Okie and Cyrie Barnes Okie, Craig Meltzner, James R. Greene, Harriet Buckwalter, Alicia Nourse, Margaret Hamill and Theodore Keller, Dan Nuebel and Karen Thompson Nuebel , Paula Hackeling, Fran Du Melle, Julie Davidson, Colleen Pedrazzi, Cheryl A. Maynard and J. Anthony Mountain, Ron and Judy Douglass, Sheridan and Jon Rapolla, Anne Iocco, Charles Wear, John and Johanna Knight, Mary Anna Maloney, Mirin Lew, Dru Ann Parks, Gary Abreim, Leslie Lihou, Kristen Robinson, Melva Freeman

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