Adventures in Rainwater Harvesting

Adventures in Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Catchment PhotoEven in the midst of a strong El Niño winter, experts say that it is unlikely to erase California’s four-year drought. Driven by an acute awareness of climate change, and the possibility that multi-year droughts will become the "new norm," LandPaths is working towards an innovative and large-scale water harvesting project at Rancho Mark West.

Under the expert guidance of two of LandPaths highly skilled and motivated volunteers - Richard Baril and Michael Diskin, we recently finished installation of two, 5,000 gallon rainwater catchment tanks at Rancho Mark West. This volunteer-led project completes phase one of a three component rainwater catchment plan on the property.  Phase two and three involve installation of a DIY Bluebarrel Systems kit off the historic outhouse roof, and a 34,000 gallon tank harvesting water off the iconic barn.  

The Mark West Watershed is one of three Coho and Steelhead refugia in the Russian River Watershed. This project will conserve and contribute to restoring the historic flow regime in Mark West Creek--the flow regime that is critical to support salmonids, in addition to offsetting garden water use from the local well during the dry months. Combined with outreach and engagement, LandPaths hopes that this project will become part of a larger watershed effort, where landowners can work together to identify and implement conservation solutions. 

The system in the above photo was designed in coordination with the Russian River Coho Partnership  and made possible by Jackson Family Wines funding for the Flow for Fish Rebate Program.  

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