Bohemia Ecological Preserve

Owned and managed by LandPaths

Access: guided tours & volunteer programs (Click here to Discover the Big Outside at Bohemia)

Bohemia Mist   Waterfallparkwaterfall 

Bohemia Ecological Preserve is a 1,000-acre, LandPaths-owned community gem located near Occidental.  This remote property offers visitors awe-inspiring views from vast coastal prairie meadows interspersed with stands of old-growth fir, hardwood riparian forest, chaparral and oak woodlands. The waterfall on Duvoul Creek, a beloved local treasure, drains into salmon-bearing Dutch Bill Creek, one of the most valuable streams for coho in the Russian River system.  Please CLICK HERE to Discover the Big Outside at Bohemia Ecological Preserve.

(Please note that this list is organized by month, thus an extra "click" at the bottom of the page is required in order to access February, March & April opportunities.)

During this transition period, guided hikes and volunteer activities are the only way to access this property.

To learn more about the Bohemia Ecological Preserve visit this online photo-tour by volunteers Darlene LaMont & Jim Robinson.


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