LandPaths 2020 Summer Camps New Policies and Procedures due to COVID-19

All policies are subject to change at LandPaths discretion and in response to updated guidelines from Public Agencies

We are incredibly grateful to still be able to offer our outdoor summer camps where youth can be immersed in nature and community with other campers. We know the decision to send your child to camp is not an easy one with all the unknowns around the current covid-19 pandemic. But we also know the need for healthy stimulation and joyful play outside is as important as ever and we are working hard to adapt our camps to make them as safe as possible. Of course, the risk of exposure to Covid -19 cannot be completely eliminated and we need YOUR help to keep camps safe. We are confident that all participating families, staff and volunteers are dedicated to the safety of our camps and community and will follow the recommendations laid out below. 

We are closely following the state and local health orders along with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Camp Association and Association of Camp Nurses as we plan for the summer ahead. 

The following information outlines the theory and protocols behind providing summer camp with the lowest risk of spread of COVID19. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to keep our participants, volunteers and staff safe, but there are inherent risks involved in any activity where people from separate households are gathering. 

One of the key elements of keeping our camps community safe throughout the summer is how we each as individuals and families behave not only at camp but also outside of and prior to camp. We ask that all camp families, staff and volunteers adhere to local health guidelines outside of LandPaths’ Camps, to limit contact in other areas of life, to practice sanitation and to wear a mask when in public. If you, your child, or anyone you come into contact with shows symptoms of COVID19 you must refrain from attending camp, notify us immediately, and seek testing as soon as possible. How each family behaves outside of camp directly affects every other child and family that you and your child come into contact with. We expect that all of LandPaths Camps community will take this shared risk seriously.

Please read on below for some details on how camps are changing this year to limit the risk of COVID-19 spread. We are working hard behind the scenes to adapt our camps to be safe and fun for all!

If you have concerns about the new protocols or procedures or feel that with these changes our program is no longer a good fit for your family, please contact us ASAP. We will provide refund options for these circumstances prior to camp, but absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given after camp begins. By registering your child for camp, you acknowledge that there is a risk of contracting COVID19 and you assume this risk voluntarily. With this also comes the possibility of camp closure if a case were detected within our camp population. If the camp were to be shut-down due to a case of COVID19 we would NOT be able to afford to refund your payments for the cancelledweekStable Small Groups

The basis of the regulations regarding operating childcare during this time is the idea of stable groups of 12 or less. By strictly maintaining the integrity of these small groups (no changing in and out of group members and limited exposure to people outside the group) the people in the group can interact in close proximity, without masks or social distancing. That being said, out of an abundance of caution, all activities at LandPaths Camps will support physical distancing. With stable small groups, if a person were to contract COVID19, they would have likely only exposed the people in their group instead of every group and person at the camp. This is the most fundamental aspect of running a safe camp environment.

  • Groups will have a maximum of 12 youth
  • Family groups will be kept together, this means siblings will be in same group at camp. (this is based on the CDC and county health recommendations, and though not our usual at camp it will help to lower the risk of possible exposure to all campers and families)
  • Groups will have different assigned home bases throughout the properties
  • Arrival and departure locations will be spaced throughout the properties where possible, where not possible drop-off/pick-up times will be staggered. 
  • Group members, staff and volunteers will not rotate or move to other groups
  • Group members must maintain minimum 6 ft physical distance between themselves and anyone NOT in their group 
  • 6’ Physical distancing within the group will be maintained whenever possible and masks will be provided (or can be brought from home) and highly encouraged for when a 6’ separation isn’t feasible. 
  • When staff members and volunteers need to interact they will do so with 6’ physical distance and wear masks.

Steps Taken to Ensure Group Integrity: (eliminating situations where one person comes into contact with people from multiple different groups)

  • Only one group will be in any given activity area at a time including creek spots, garden, pond, redwood grove and so forth
  • All guest experts will stay more than 12 feet from a group while demonstrating a skill and there will a physical barrier to keep this distance in place
  • When physical contact is required between staff and camper, only the counselors in the group can assist camper, unless staff with a higher medical training is needed, in which case masks and CDC recommended hygiene practices will be used by the staff member.  

Other Steps to Stop the Spread:

  • All Families, staff and volunteers will be asked to monitor their health for 14 days prior to the start of camp and fill out the pre-screening health form that will be provided.
  • Camper temperatures will be checked daily with a no touch thermometer and anyone with a fever will be isolated and/or not permitted to join camp
  • All activity areas and equipment will be thoroughly sanitized between each group’s use. Shared areas like bathrooms, will be sanitized regularly throughout the day (each group will have a designated bathroom close to their meeting location).
  • Adults will have their masks accessible at all times for when the need to wear arises. Children are not required to wear masks, but we recommend they do at certain times when 6’ physical distancing is not possible. We will provide cloth masks or youth can bring one from home.
  • If adults need to speak to camp staff they must maintain 6’ distance between themselves and other people around them. All adults must wear a mask or face shield and as much as possible please opt for phone or email communication to reduce in person contact.
  • Avoid bringing extra persons with you for pick up and drop off. Only one adult should bring a child to camp. Other family members should stay home when possible

Changes to Normal Programming You Need To Know

  • Children must bring their own lunch and snack (we will have extra food on hand in case it is needed, but only one trained staff will have access to this container and will follow all CDC recommendations for food prep and service)
  • We will not be able to cook communally from our gardens this year, but will still find fun ways to integrate the amazing bounty of summertime
  • We will not be able to gather for the family potluck on Fridays
  • Absolutely no group changes will be allowed once a child has been in a group. We will send you your assigned group information the week before camp.
  • Unfortunately overnight camps are not currently permitted in Sonoma County… we may be able to offer an evening adventure for youth 11-13 the last day of camp for interested families, stay tuned for more on that option. 
  • We will not be able to offer rolling drop-off starting at 8:30am this year. Our apologies but the logistics of keeping children and families as safe as possible at camp means we need to have each group drop-off and pick-up within specific time windows. More to come on this but please let us know if you have concerns!
  • Stay tuned about Aftercare…we may have had to cancel weeks with low sign-ups and will be communicating with families that signed-up for this option in the weeks before camp.
  • Carpool for scholarships is limited to those who are most in need. We will be following up individually with scholarship families.

This is not an exhaustive list, but covers the most important elements of the new policies and procedures. If you have any concerns please contact our office via phone or email. We are more than happy to answer questions and address individual concerns.

LandPaths Camps will be different this year but the magic of learning and playing in our amazing outdoor landscapes will be as fun as ever!

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