Camp Bohemia Mentor

Camp Bohemia Mentor Application Summer 2020 

Commitment and Compensation 

Staff Training: June 30th/July 1 (optional) — July 13-17 (required) 

Camp Sessions:  

Session One: July 20-24, Art and Storytelling in Nature with Special Guest Anne Carla Rovetta 

Session Two: July 27-31, Ancient Living Skills with Special Guest Tamara Wilder 

Session Three, August 3-7, Wilderness Skills, Surviving and Thriving with Special Guest TBD 

Hours: approximately 9:30-4, with staff often arriving at least 30 minutes before and staying 10-30 minutes after.  

Pay: 20$/hour 

Job Description 

Being a mentor at LandPaths’ Camp Bohemia is all about creativity, exploration and fun! Each week, mentors are assigned a group of approximately ten campers (divided by age) who will be in their individual charge for the first half of every day. Mentors have the responsibility to craft an adventure for each morning that incorporates hiking, games, and other “theme appropriate” activities. Camp Bohemia is unique in that each morning adventure is delivered to the students in a  “treasure hunt” style, with activities and directions received in hidden notes from the groups’ “animal guide” that the instructor is responsible for writing and hiding at the beginning of each day (more on this in training!). In this way, the instructor creates excitement and momentum in the group through the undeniable pull of mystery and storytelling, and has an unique opportunity to share experiences and connection with the campers that differs from the traditional instructor role.  

By the end of each morning adventure, groups make their way to the pond for afternoon free time and electives. In this second half of the day, mentors are positioned as lifeguard at the pond, archery instructor, arts, crafts, or story telling station. This provides campers and mentors alike the opportunity to spend the afternoon in a more relaxed and free form manner. At the close of each day the camp gathers as a whole for stories of the day, map drawing, and songs and gratitude practice.  

Each session of camp has a special theme that will help influence the activities, storyline, and special guest of the week. Special guests typically visit for one half day each week.  

Application Information 

Required: Applicants must be at least 21+, be CPR/First Aid certified by the time camp begins, and have at least 1 year of experience working with children in a camp or educational setting. 

Desired Qualifications: Lifeguard certified, WFA/WFR certified, Spanish speaker, California flora/fauna knowledge, passion for music, art, and storytelling, wilderness survival skills   

To Apply: Please send a copy of your resume and a separate document with answers to the following questions to 

Application Questions 

– Please respond to the following questions in a separate document. 

  1. Please provide your name, date of birth, and preferred pronouns 
  1. How many years of experience do you have working with children? 
  1. What age groups do you have experience working with? In what settings? Is there an age group (between 7-14) you are most excited to work with this summer? 
  1. What experience do you have in wilderness settings/outdoor education? 
  1. What activities and skills are you passionate about learning, developing and teaching? 
  1. Please list any certifications/training you are current in. (CPR, WFA/WFR, Lifeguard etc.) 
  1. Why do you want to work for Camp Bohemia? 
  1. What questions do you have for us? Anything else we should know? 

**Special Note on COVID-19 and Camp Bohemia** 

LandPaths is proceeding with summer camp preparation with every hope that sessions will be able to run as currently scheduled, but, due to the great unknowns of this situation, we ask all current and future staff to understand we cannot currently guarantee camp will run this summer.  

We know this is a time of great uncertainty for many people, and that for many planning for an unknown future may present extra challenges. We are doing our best to adjust with the situation and work flexibly with those who need it. If you, or someone you know, is interested in applying for the Mentor position, please do not hesitate to reach out and connect with Camp Director Rae Rose Schultz at  

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there! We are holding positive thoughts and hopes in our hearts for the future of summer camp and everyone in the community– goodness knows we will all need to run around in the wild a bit more after this passes!  

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