Stewardship Lead

Eric Schoohs

Eric Schoohs (he/him/his) joined the LandPaths’ family in April 2021. As Stewardship Lead he works with the stewardship team to create a diverse and welcoming community on the ground; connecting volunteers to the land, physically, through restoration and other hand-dirtying activities.

He grew up on a farm in small-town, central Wisconsin. Much of his spare time was spent exploring and observing the interactions of all the members of the ecosystems. It’s somewhere in those woods that he fell in love with nature and all the intricate connections within it.

Several years of taking courses because they were interesting, rather than required, landed him one the least specific degrees available at the University of Wisconsin: a BS in Biology, with a minor in Environmental Studies tacked on.

Following graduation Eric moved to Seattle to work for an AmeriCorps funded nonprofit doing Ecological Restoration. This program was focused on creating a worldwide network of environmental leaders and welcomed members from all over the globe. This life altering experience, several more years of Restoration work, and a smattering of other jobs and experiences (like a season as a Naturalist Guide at Olympic National Park) combined to create the lifelong drive to connect humans and healthy, natural spaces.

Eric’s passions have grown out of his experiences with the world and the broad array of wonderful people he has shared them with. They include equitable outdoor access, creating community engagement through the land, building ecological resilience for future generations, and spreading curiosity for the wonders of the world around us.

Eric habitually spends his time exploring new skills and interests. Whittling, instant photography, and DIY Solar installation on his van may be new, but he’ll always fall back on his mainstays: exploring natural areas, hiking, reading, flora and fauna identification, and of course, it’s best sharing it all with friends.

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