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Equity Statement

The Board of Directors will foster open communication among staff and board members about the importance and priority in centering, promoting, actively practicing, and cultivating an environment of belonging, diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and racial equality. 

Dr. Brenda Flyswithhawks, Ph.D. (She/Her Ghigau ᎩᎦᎤ)

Board President

Dr. Flyswithhawks is a citizen of the Tsalági Eastern Cherokee Nation, Qualla Boundary Reservation, Cherokee, North Carolina and currently makes her home in Santa Rosa on the territorial land of the Southern Pomo people.  She is of Bird Clan by birth and is a traditional dancer, singer, drummer, and storyteller.  Dr. Flyswithhawks adheres to her traditional Tsalági teachings and believes that all Native people are in a coming home process…a coming home to their traditional way of life.

She is a Professor of Psychology, Past Department Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Department, and Past President of the Academic Senate at Santa Rosa Junior College. She retired in December 2019 and is currently serving as a part-time professor and Past President of the Academic Senate.

Prior to Santa Rosa Junior College, Dr. Flyswithhawks was the Director of the Behavioral Health Department at the Sonoma County Indian Health Project and maintained a private clinical practice in Santa Rosa. She has been scholar in residence or visiting professor at universities throughout the United States and world. Dr. Flyswithhawks has also served as Co-Director of the National S.E.E.D. Project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) at Wellesley College.

She has served as Treasure and Board of Directors for the Sonoma County Indian Health Project and the Ya-Ka-Ama Board of Directors. She is embraced and loved by local Sonoma County tribes and is referred to by many as “family.”

Dr. Flyswithhawks is a cultural bearer, water protector, and environmental cultural educator working to bridge western and traditional science. She serves on the Native Advisory Council at Pepperwood Preserve and is currently partnering with a team of local western wildfire biologist and scientist to educate and assist in the rethinking of wildfire, science, and climate through an Indigenous lens. She reminds us that we come from the land and works daily to educate all on how to be in relationship and better stewards of the land we inhabit.

It is Dr. Flyswithhawks intention and commitment to work with LandPaths Board of Directors to facilitate better relationship with the land through the programs it offers and the people who steward it.

Hilda Shum

Board Vice President

Hilda Shum is is an active hiker, nature enthusiast, and artist. Her first impression of Sonoma County was seeing Christo’s stunning Running Fence Project at sunrise. The early morning light filtering through the billowing white screen silhouetted against the rolling hills south of Valley Ford created such a visceral image that she vowed to live in Sonoma County one day. Since then the area has never ceased to amaze, from the open space, farmlands and spectacular coastline to the people and culture of food and hospitality. Hilda has been a board member of arts and education organizations and is interested in creating opportunities for people to engage with nature in our surrounding area and beyond.

Craig Hazel

Board Treasurer

Craig Hazel is a partner with B2B CFO®. Originally from Denver, Craig was drawn to LandPaths given its focus on both land and people. He was a founding member of Christmas in April – Atlanta, a non-profit which rebuilds homes for elderly, disabled and disadvantaged homeowners. Craig is a pilot and resides in Petaluma with his wife and two daughters.

Catie Clune

Board Secretary

Catie Clune (She/her) has spent the last 10 years working in the field of nature education and conservation in the Bay Area. She holds a BA in Community Studies from University of California Santa Cruz. This program allowed her to explore social justice movements, the role of nonprofits, and it first sparked her interest in advocating for more equitable access to the outdoors. She holds a MA in science education from the University of Washington which provided tools to help teachers align outdoor programming with state science standards. She spent years supporting teachers to develop real-world contexts for learning and offer more consistent opportunities for students to get outside. She currently works managing a wide range of education programs at a local conservation non-profit.

Brijida “Brijit” Alemán


Brijida “Brijit” Alemán (she/her/ella) is a native of Sonoma County, raised by her Native American mother from the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, a former Tribal Council Chairwoman, and step-father, a former “charro” from Jalisco, Mexico. Brijit’s paternal roots are Indigenous of the Huastecos in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and comes from migrant farm laborers. Brijit is the eldest of four sisters, the mother to two sons, the “Titi” to her grandsons, ages 4 and 5, with a third grandbaby on the way, and the mom to her two cats, “Luna” and “Botas”. 

Brijit prides herself as a compassionate human, a healer, an advocate, and a radical change maker. She is intentional in creating spaces where others feel a sense of belonging, seen, and heard. Brijit is a spirited leader, standing in the face of adversity, bolstering and centering voices historically silenced. She finds joy in building rapport and forming solid interpersonal relationships, focusing on making a positive impact on her community. 

 Brijit is an alumna of Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), earning an AA in Psychology, AS in Administration of Justice, Certificates in Corrections, and Children in the Justice System. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Sonoma State University, and her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA and is a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor.  

In 2021, Brijit was hired as the first multicultural bilingual Psychotherapist with Student Psychological Services at Santa Rosa Junior College serving Spanish-speaking, Latinx, and Native American students.  She has been at SRJC since 2009, working in College Skills, Financial Aid, and Disability Resources. She works collaboratively with SRJC Rising Scholars: IGNITE and Second Chance Programs, Students for Recovery, Lanzamiento, Bcare, ESL Moves Club, Native American Center, and is a member of the Native American Faculty and Staff Association (NAFSA). 

Prior to SRJC, Brijit has an extended background in law enforcement, supervising and transporting incarcerated people with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, and as a Tribal Gaming Surveillance Director with the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians.  

 Brijit is intentional about centering herself for her optimal well-being. She enjoys watching sports, being one with nature, sightseeing, hiking, enjoying the ocean, taking random road trips, and listening to a variety of music genres. Brijit loves adventures with her nieces and grand babies, observing their curious minds, exploring nature together, and having courageous conversations. Brijit’s signature is “It’s not about the doing, but about the BEING.”

Evangelina Austin


Evangelina Austin is currently working as the Water Quality Specialist for the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians. She is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science at Sonoma State where she is studying Environmental Systems. 

 Evangelina has been very active in the environmental community. She worked as a restoration technician for almost two years and served a full-term of 1700 hours with AmeriCorps as a Watershed Steward in partnership with Conservation Corps.  Evangelina is also a certified naturalist in California and has obtained her FFT2 to participate in prescribed and cultural burns. 

Evangelina was born in Orenburg Russia and grew up in Southern California. By blood Eva is Romani, and she is trying to discover her roots. During her free time, Eva likes to read about tending to the land as well as wildlife biology, going to the river/ocean, searching for newts and frogs, wildlife photography, and go exploring. Eva hopes to one day be a wildlife biologist and teacher of the land. Eva believes that the land has a story to tell, and she wants to be able to share it with the world. 

Janal Cruz


Janal Cruz was born and raised in Sonoma County. Growing up she explored the landscapes of West County and developed a deep appreciation for the diversity of the land. She was first introduced to LandPaths at a volunteer day with the Bayer Farms team and instantly appreciated the commitment to stewarding the land and inspiring individuals to build community around them. Ever since then she has been a supporter of the organization. Serving on the board is an amazing opportunity to serve both the organization and the community. 

She values community and the strength diversity can bring to them. This led her to obtain a B.A. in American Multicultural Studies from Sonoma State University. As VP of Operations at Guayaki Yerba Mate, a Social Purpose Corporation, she is able to apply her values to her daily work.  

A proud mother and wife, she loves spending time with her family and friends, gardening, cooking, sharing food and attending community events. 

Adam Kahn


Adam grew up in Basking Ridge, NJ.  As a child, he and his younger brothers attended Earth Force Camp each summer at the Environmental Education Center of Lord Stirling Park.  As a teenager, Adam became a counselor at the camp before leaving to go off to college. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. 

In 2020 Adam and his wife, Cassidy Blackwell, moved to Sonoma County from San Francisco. To get to know their new home better, they embarked on a three-day wild foraging trek with LandPaths’ TrekSonoma.  This course served as much more than a geographical introduction and reignited a kinship with the natural world that Adam had nearly lost after spending his entire adult life in dense urban environments. 

Professionally, Adam is a world-leading technologist.  He has spent the last three years as a leader in Cruise’s Engineering team, taking the company from a few hundred engineers to many thousands, and advancing from the experimental stage to safely launch the world’s first fully driverless commercial fleet of self-driving cars.  The cars, currently driving themselves around San Francisco, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Dubai, and Japan have delivered riders, groceries, and meals for the needy, accumulating many millions of miles safely navigating the world’s urban landscapes without anyone in the driver’s seat.   

In 2022, his team was named by Fast Company as “one of the most innovative team’s of the year“.  He also recently took on new responsibilities as leader of the WebViz team.  This tool visualizes what the robot car is sensing and thinking, allowing humans to interact, understand, and make improvements.  Prior to this job, Adam has led other technology teams at Venmo, Salesforce, and a machine learning startup that was acquired by Google.  Adam spent much of 2012 and 2013 living and working in Tokyo and volunteered to help Japan recover from the 2011 Sendai Earthquake disaster.   

In 2022, Adam received his UC California Naturalist Certification through the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods program.  His capstone project was directly interrelated with LandPaths, as he volunteered to take students from Santa Rosa Middle School’s Restorative Justice program on nature walks and ended the day teaching them to make their own pizzas, complete with toppings foraged from their walk.  He also volunteered with 4H to display proper habitat restoration and encourage peaceful co-existence of agriculture with the natural world.

Kalyanee Mam



Born in Battambang, Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime, which claimed the lives of over 2 million people, Kalyanee Mam and her family were displaced from A person with long dark brown hair, wearing a golden scarf and gold bracelet, smiles at the camera. They are in front of a field of brown and green grasses with shadowed hills in the background. both their land and their home. Kalyanee has spent most of her life trying to understand the root cause of war, destruction, and displacement and how she can return home again. After spending years living with families in the forests, on the lakes, and countryside of Cambodia, and observing and documenting their way of life, she understands how intimately connected this life is to the land, forests, and water and the neak ta or land and water spirits that protect them. After living in Sonoma County for over a decade and walking the coasts, paddling on the river, and trudging through redwood forests and oak woodlands here with her husband David Mendez, Kalyanee discovered that her path to home was waiting for her, right here on this land. As a board member, Kalyanee hopes to share this path of discovery and healing with others like herself, whose hearts are also waiting and ready to come home.  

 Kalyanee Mam is a Cambodian-American filmmaker whose award-winning work is focused on art and advocacy. Her debut documentary feature, A River Changes Course, won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and the Golden Gate Award for Best Feature Documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Her other works include the documentary shorts Lost World, Fight for Areng Valley, Between Earth & Sky, and Cries of Our Ancestors. She has also worked as a cinematographer and associate producer on the 2011 Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job. She is currently working on two new feature documentaries, The Fire and the Bird’s Nest and Ceremony. 

Greg Skopp


Greg Skopp (he/him) is a Financial Marketer who was born and raised in Sonoma County, California. He learned to appreciate the beauty of nature at an early age, and to this day believes there is nothing better for our minds and bodies than to be out in nature. 

When he’s not working or exploring his love of nature, Greg loves telling compelling and inspiring stories through the art of theatre, as he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Cal State Fullerton. These days he enjoys seeing nature through the eyes of his young children as they learn about the world around them. Bugs and rocks have never been more interesting than when you are with a child! He holds a deep love and respect for diverse cultural expressions, such as food, dance, music, and performance.  

Brad Sunshine


Brad Sunshine is an avid outdoor enthusiast, from white water rafting guide in college to rock climbing in Colorado, hiking, and biking all over. One of his favorite activities is recharging via early morning bicycle rides through western Sonoma and Marin Counties.   

Brad was a sales engineer in Silicon Valley and became interested in solar power while trying to reduce his family’s impact on the environment.  His interest led him to relocating to amazing Sonoma County to join the solar industry where he currently is assisting with the transition to renewable energy by working on large solar and energy storage projects around North America.   

He has also been active in several non-profits; he tutored for and was on the board of The Reading Program while an engineer in Silicon Valley.  In addition to his volunteering for COTS and Friends of the Petaluma River, through his passion for the outdoors and the environment he came to know LandPaths and their tremendous team.  He participates in various activities for LandPaths including fund raising, various stewardship events, kayaking the Russian River and anywhere else they need an additional hand.   

Brad has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Auburn University, a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State, and was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. 


Thank you supporting our mission to foster a love of the land.

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