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We believe that all people should have access to the awe inspired by nature. We make it easy for you to experience Sonoma County’s open spaces, farms, and urban gardens through outings and volunteer opportunities. Whatever your skills, interest or time, we have a way for you to to get outside to connect with land and community. And to care for the land and each other.

Step outside and experience the beauty of this place we call home.

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Summer Camp 2022 Opportunities for Grown Ups

CALL FOR QTBIPOC GUEST ARTISTS!  LandPaths’ Queer and Trans Youth + Allies (QTYA) Camp is looking for QTBIPOC guest artists this summer! Guest Artists are incredible role models for the youth and help them see ways in which queer and trans folks can thrive! Guest Artists also inspire youth to be whoever they want to be.  In addition to being life-changing and validating opportunities for the youth, we have also found that these experiences are incredibly valuable and heartfelt for the guest artists, many of which did not have spaces like the QTYA camp when they were growing up.    We are specifically excited about inviting drag performers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, nature enthusiasts, and other creative folks who enjoy being around queer and trans youth to come spend an hour or a few with us at camp! Guest could lead an activity/workshop or perform. We are also looking for general volunteers to help out with the camp.  Time and Dates Location: Camp Meeker, CA   Dates: July 6th-8th or July 12-15th    Times: Timing is flexible! Come for an hour, the day, or multiple days. Guest Artists are welcome weekday mornings or afternoons as well as Thursday late afternoon/evening    Questions/Preguntas For questions and more information, contact Seed – or (740) 591-1246.

Feeling Inspired

" “I love what LandPaths has been doing, protecting these spaces and helping wildfires grow less extreme, and getting more people out on the land. I feel like I’m being part of a solution when I’m out here. "

Sophia, Sonoma State University student

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