Magical, Old-Fashioned Summer Camps

Owl Camp

  • Places/Lugares: Preston Farm (Healdsburg, Bohemia Ecological Preserve (Occidental) and Rancho Mark West (Santa Rosa)
  • Time/Hora: Monday through Friday; 9am to 3pm
  • Age/Años de edad: 6 to 13
  • Cost/Costo: $350 with scholarships available based on need/con becas completas y parciales disponible

Thank you for your interest in our inspiring and fun summer nature camps at Rancho Mark West and Preston Farm. Please check back in Spring 2023 for information about next year’s sessions.

Owl Camp North at Preston Farm, Healdsburg/Campamento Búho Norte en Preston Farm

Owl Camp West at Bohemia Ecological Preserve, Occidental  /Campamento Búho Oeste en Bohemia Ecological Preserve, Occidental  

Let’s Track some Mammals! Ever wondered who’s sharing the forest with you? This week we will spend time learning all about the shy creatures bounding around Bohemia Ecological Preserve! We will look for tracks and scat and follow animal trails as we learn all about the magnificent Mammals of Sonoma County.   

¡Rastreemos a los mamíferos! ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado quién comparte el bosque contigo? ¡Esta semana pasaremos tiempo aprendiendo todo sobre las tímidas criaturas que saltan alrededor de Bohemia Ecological Preserve! Buscaremos huellas y excrementos y seguiremos las pistas de los animales mientras aprendemos todo sobre los magníficos mamíferos del condado de Sonoma. 

Owl Camp East at Rancho Mark West, Santa Rosa / Campamento Búho Este Rancho Mark West, Santa Rosa  

The Power of Plants – This week our theme is The Power of Plants. From the air we breathe to the foods we eat and the clothes we wear (or remedies we use to heal), plants are critical for our survival. This week we’ll learn how plants grow, reproduce and cycle back into the soil all while exploring the deep connection between people and plants.  

Plantas Poderosas  – Esta semana el tema es Plantas Poderosas. Desde el aire que respiramos hasta los alimentos que comemos, los remedios que usamos para sanar y la ropa que usamos, las plantas son fundamentales para nuestra supervivencia. Esta semana aprenderemos cómo las plantas crecen, se reproducen y regresan al suelo mientras exploramos la profunda conexión entre las personas y las plantas. 

Session/ Sesión II: July/Julio 18 – 22, 2022

Soaring into Green Spaces: All About Birds: This week we will grab our binoculars and learn all about the different birds that make Rancho Mark West their home. From Red Shouldered Hawks nesting in the tall redwoods, to Kingfishers swooping along the creek corridor and Bluebirds flitting through the fields. We will learn how birds’ beaks are adapted to eat certain foods; and we’ll discover the wide variety of feathers – their structure and function; from the fluffy down on a baby Robin to the silent wings of the Barn Owls.   

Volando con destino a la Naturaleza: Todo sobre Aves – Esta semana tomaremos nuestros binoculares y aprenderemos todo sobre las diferentes aves que hacen de Rancho Mark West su hogar. Desde Busardos Pechirrojos que anidan en las altas secuoyas, y Martínes Pescadores volando rápidamente a lo largo del arroyo, hasta pájaros azules que revolotean por los campos. Aprenderemos cómo se adaptan los picos de las aves para comer ciertos alimentos. Descubriremos la gran variedad de plumas y su estructura y función; desde el plumón esponjoso de un ave acabada de nacer hasta las silenciosas alas de los búhos. 

Session/Sesión III: July 25 – 29, 2022

Creative Arts and Movement: This week brings Owl Camp and the Imaginists theater group together. Owl Camp staff will bring you the camp activities that you love including hiking, exploration, canoeing, gardening, and creek time while the Imaginists team will lead interactive and imaginative theater activities where we learn to embody the playful spirit of nature. This week will also feature LandPaths very own Youth Initiative Manager, Jamie Nakama, who is a professional dancer and capoeira instructor – an Afro-Brazilian cultural art form that combines music, martial arts, dance, and acrobatics. She has been training capoeira for over 20 years with Mestre Kinha from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

We are excited to deepen our understanding of our natural surroundings through playful movement, song and story.  

The Imaginists is a performance laboratory investigating the intersection of art and community. The Imaginists explore the possibilities of theater, from new works & classics to bilingual & site-specific works, rooted in an ensemble approach. To learn more about the Imaginists, visit their website at

Arte Creativo y Movimiento: Esta semana estaremos juntos con el grupo de teatro los Imaginists. El personal del Campamento Búho guiará las actividades que sabemos les encantan, como caminatas, exploración, tiempo en el arroyo, mientras que el equipo de los Imaginists guiará actividades de teatro interactivas e imaginativas donde aprendemos a personificar el espíritu alegre de la naturaleza. Esta semana también contará con Jamie Nakama de Landpaths quien es bailarina profesional e instructora de capoeira, una forma de arte cultural afrobrasileña que combina música, artes marciales, danza y acrobacias. Ella ha entrenado por más de 20 años con Mestre Kinha de Río de Janeiro, Brasil. ¡Nos alegra la oportunidad de profundizarnuestra comprensión de nuestro entorno natural a través de movimientos divertidos, canciones e historias!   

Session/Sesión IV: August 1 – 5, 2022 – Homesteading ~ Living with the Land

Homesteading: Living with the Land – This week’s theme is Homesteading: Living with the Land. Youth will practice useful nature-based skills that they will be able to carry with them for the rest of their lives. We’ll experience how to live off the land by harvesting, cooking, and eating from the garden and from the wild. We’ll have a blast working together to learn new skills such as canning, seed-saving, natural crafting and woodwork. Participating in this week will help your child understand how to live simply and gain nourishment, comfort, and insight from the natural world. 

Aprender a Vivir de la Tierra – El tema de esta semana es, Aprender a Vivir de la Tierra. Durante esta semana, los campistas practicarán habilidades útiles basadas en la naturaleza que podrán llevar consigo por el resto de sus vidas. Experimentaremos cómo vivir de la tierra cosechando, cocinando y comiendo del jardín y de la naturaleza. Nos divertiremos trabajando juntos para aprender nuevas habilidades, como enlatado, ahorro de semillas, artesanía natural y carpintería. Participando en esta semana ayudará a los jovenes a comprender cómo vivir de manera simple y obtener alimento, comodidad y conocimiento del mundo natural. 

What is Owl Camp?

At Owl Camp, your child, aged 6 to 13, will spend their precious summer hours the old-fashioned way! Owl Campers return year after year to connect with the land, appreciate and care for nature, make new friends, sing songs, hike, play camp games, build forts, learn woodworking skills, swim, canoe, make arts and crafts, act in plays, and learn to cook organic food straight from the garden! The results are happy, aware, curious kids who feel like they belong in nature and can’t wait to get back outside.

A Typical Day at Owl Camp

In the morning, we hike the trails, play games, explore and harvest from the garden, cook, make crafts, and canoe. After lunch, we explore the creek and the surrounding forest. Each week’s theme shapes what we explore and create, but the framework of each camp day stays consistent.


Our staff are CPR and First Aid-certified, skilled and trained outdoor educators bringing years of experience working with youth in outdoor settings. Staff to camper ratio is generally 1 staff to 12 campers. We also have a cadre of skilled and trained volunteers assisting throughout the day, making the adult to camper ratio closer to 1 adult to 5 campers. All Camp staff and volunteers have been fingerprinted for background checks.


Thank you for your interest in Owl Camp! LandPaths stands by the goal of offering magical, nature-based camp experiences to as many children as possible. We welcome your interest in applying for a scholarship! All families are asked to contribute $50 to hold a space for your child. We offer full and half scholarships based on need and available spots. Transportation is not guaranteed, but your needs will be considered. 

If you need a scholarship, please apply for the scholarship BEFORE registering. All scholarships must be pre-approved. Apply early as spaces fill quickly!


LandPaths se compromete a hacer que el campamento sea accesible para todos los jóvenes, independientemente de los obstáculos socioeconómicos. Ofrecemos becas a un 40% de nuestros estudiantes, con el objetivo de reflejar la comunidad del condado de Sonoma. En el 2012, comenzamos a ofrecer transporte limitado a nuestros campamentos, ya que nos dimos cuenta de que el transporte era el obstáculo principal para muchas familias. ¡Si una beca le ayudaría a su familia, por favor llene la solicitud! Todas las becas deben ser aprobadas, antes de inscribirse con beca. ¡Solicite con anticipación ya que los espacios pueden llenarse rápidamente!

¡Si una beca le ayudaría a su familia, por favor llene la solicitud! Todas las becas deben ser aprobadas, antes de inscribirse con beca. ¡Solicite con anticipación ya que los espacios pueden llenarse rápidamente!

Owl Camp Bilingual Summer Youth Programs Scholarship Application (Preston, RMW, Bohemia) 6-13 year olds 

Solicitud de becas para campamentos de verano


Contact Carlos:, (707) 544-7284 ext. 118.

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