Community Stewardship Initiative Manager

JOB TITLE: Stewardship Manager 

CLASSIFICATION: Full-time, Exempt 

HOURS: 40 hours per week, Occasional Weekend and Evening Hours Required 

SALARY: $65K to $70K; Competitive Benefits Package 

REPORTS TO: Programs Director 


LandPaths seeks an individual with a passion for building a diverse, healthy and whole community connected with the land.  The ideal candidate is driven, energetic and creative; excels in an active work environment, is committed to equity in access to nature, and loves the outdoors. The Stewardship Manager will provide overall strategic vision and expertise to LandPaths’ Community Stewardship Initiative; ensuring that LandPaths’ Community Preserves are well stewarded for ecological health and climate resilience, and offer relevant responsive programming with and for Sonoma County communities.   

The Stewardship Manager will provide leadership and oversight to LandPaths’ Preserve Stewardship and Community Hub programs through goal setting, planning and evaluation. The Stewardship Manager will maintain program excellence including regulatory, cultural and science standards-based resource management and community relevance applying tools from disciplines such as: natural resource and cultural stewardship practices, conservation biology, fire ecology, climate justice, community organizing and volunteer engagement.  Stewardship manager will be responsible for effective impactful community conservation.  


Leadership & Strategy 

  • Develop multi-year community vision, strategy and programs for Preserves aligning with LandPaths’ mission;  
  • Advance deep structural perspectives and improvements for equity and justice within the organization and in access to and caring for the land; 
  • Active participation in Leadership Team, responsible for all initiatives, and cross-initiative communication; 
  • Become knowledgeable and conversant in all aspects of LandPaths’ values, mission, strategic plan, and programs; 
  • Present to community and larger public forums, articulating LandPaths’ positive impact; 
  • Develop and deepen through active listening and mutual understanding, relationships to expand the network supporting and advancing LandPaths’ mission, and community-focused strategy;  
  • Cultivate, participate and take leadership roles in relationships, partnerships, collaborations and initiatives to advance land stewardship and community connections with the land;  
  • Represent LandPaths in the community, aligning LandPaths’ work with communities, and larger County-wide collective impact efforts 


  • Manage all aspects of LandPaths preserve system; including planning and project implementation for both natural and infrastructure resources, funding, permitting, community connection and communication; 
  • Hire, mentor, motivate, review and retain a high performing team; ensure team is prepared to contribute at their highest level; hold all team members accountable, and ensure they have the knowledge, skills, ability and resources needed to succeed; 
  • Develop, manage, and assess budgets; determine the most effective use of staff time and resources for program excellence and progress on budget and within strategic priorities; 
  • Support fundraising including grant proposals; 
  • Provide contract and successful grant oversight and reporting 


  • A genuine passion for equity in access to nature and connecting people with; 
  • At least 5 years’ experience with natural areas management, from developing and implementing management plans to creating partnerships for watershed and regional conservation action; 
  • Experience integrating both scientific and cultural practices for stewarding the land; 
  • Experience overseeing facilities such as trails, water pumps, solar and other rural living systems; 
  • Experience with permitting, government regulations and funding sources, and CEQA; 
  • Knowledge of the local ecology, including fire resilience and the impact of climate change; 
  • Experience working with community, especially underserved communities and volunteers; 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; 
  • At least 3 years’ experience in leading and managing staff, programs, budgets; 
  • Detail oriented, well organized; 
  • Strong communication skills: articulate with proven ability to write effectively and speak persuasively;  
  • Bi-lingual or having a significant cross-cultural experience, understanding the dynamics of power and privilege;  
  • Strong leadership and management skills with an entrepreneurial spirit;  
  • Demonstrated ability to inspire and motivate staff, volunteers, donors and potential partners;  
  • College degree or relevant work experience 


  • Share LandPaths’ commitment to fairness and equity;  
  • Thrive in a creative, problem solving atmosphere of shared leadership and unrelenting drive to improve; 
  • Enjoy learning and supporting the work of others;  
  • Excel in a strong team centered work environment, while able to work independently; 
  • Work best in busy work environment, managing multiple variables with divergent goals; 
  • Possess high integrity and strong commitment to program and organizational goals;  
  • Demonstrate confidence in area expertise, and flexible, able to engage with new ideas and approaches;  
  • Enjoy and contribute to a positive work environment; 
  • Patient with process and impatient for progress;  


Interested applicants should send a BRIEF AND SPECIFIC cover letter (including salary expectations) and resume to LandPaths ~ Attn: HR, 618 4th Street, Suite 217, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 or  Open until filled. 

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