Mushroom Madness at Riddell Preserve

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By LandPaths Staff

January 13, 2020

This weekend, 20 people headed out with LandPaths into the beautiful wilds of Riddell Preserve for a morning of mushroom foraging. For beginner and experienced mycologists alike, the outing highlighted edible, medicinal, and common mushrooms, their amazing life cycle, and how to find them.

The outing was led by Kingman Bond Graham, the president of the Sonoma County Mycological Association (SOMA). Kingman asked the group a series of questions before heading into the forest.

  • What is a mushrooom?
  • What can you do with fungi?
  • Where should you look for fungi?

As you can see, participants stumbled upon some mouth-droppingly beautiful mushrooms! Not all were edible and some were past their prime. These were collected for identification purposes or to use for natural dyes.

“They (mushrooms) are just like people. So different and unique, but connected” said SOMA Volunteer, Melinda.

Look for more mushroom outings later in the season, depending on rain!

Below, watch Kingman Bond Graham, President of Sonoma County Mycological Association, discussing taxonomic differences of fungi. 


Kingman Bond Graham, President of the Sonoma County Mycological Association

" You don't need to have a degree to study fungi. I don't have a degree and I look at fungi for fun everyday. Anyone can contribute to the study of fungi! "

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