How LandPaths is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic

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By LandPaths Staff

April 29, 2021

For 25 years LandPaths has actively worked for land and community in Sonoma County. Our commitment is further strengthened during the immense mental, physical, and financial challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Since March of last year, when shelter-in-place first began locally, we’ve updated our Covid safety protocols and policies according to the most recent information from local and state health officials.

We believe our local open spaces, parks, and preserves are essential places of healing, recovery, and connection for everyone. We appreciate the county, city, and other partners that have worked tirelessly to keep these much-needed places open for physically distanced walks, freshly harvested produce, expansive views, and quiet moments. This access to nature aids us collectively to keep going through these challenging times. 

At LandPaths we will continue to offer connections with the land and each other in creative ways, while rigorously following local Covid-19 safety protocols and policies. Our goal is to support our entire community to get outdoors safely. 

LandPaths Covid Safety Policies: Updated April 2021

LandPaths’ Covid Safety Policies: Updated April 13, 2021

LandPaths created these Covid-19 policies first and foremost to keep all LandPaths staff safe, with limited risk of exposure due to behavior or activities in the work environment. Additionally, we hold a concern for the community—volunteers and participants in LandPaths programs.  

We created these polices from new OSHA requirements as well as research in best practices that includes input from the Center for Disease Control and State and Sonoma County Health, and LandPaths’ legal advisor.  We also commit to periodic updating as we get new information, or the legal requirements under the pandemic change.

  • All activities may be conducted outside in small groups of no more than 20 participants 
  • Gathering of staff (only) who are all fully vaccinated continue to physically distance, however do not need to wear mask. (Outside only)  
  • Vaccinated staff and interns may carpool, with masks and windows down 
  • Vaccinated staff may drive youth carpools, with windows down and masks on 
  • Vaccinated staff are required to get tested after known exposure ONLY 
  • Non-vaccinated staff, if conducting in-person public activities, continue weekly testing 
  • Food can be served in the following Covid-safe ways:  
  • Prepackaged food 
  • Single serving items with peels (citrus, bananas) 
  • Other food which can be distributed without gathering (no shared food utensils, shared communal bowls (like for chips) or potluck-style offerings) 
  • Office to remained closed until September 1, 2021. Until that time, continue with existing policy for essential work allowed, with a limit of 6 people in the office at a time. 

Continue Covid-19 safe behavior 

  • Wear a mask when out in public  
  • Maintain physical distancing when out in public 
  • Wash hands frequently 
  • Avoid touching nose, eyes, mouth with unwashed hands 
  • Stay home if you are feeling sick 
  • Vaccinated staff who travel, do not need to test/quarantine unless:  they have had a known exposure, or they have symptoms 
  • Non-vaccinated staff continue to follow quarantine procedures 

Continue Health Screening 

  • All staff, volunteer and participants will conduct day-of health check list, including temperature checks. Using one form for multiple day programs is fine. For multiple day programs (i.e. camps) participants (including volunteers) are required to complete a pre-health check list in addition to the day-of health check list.   
  • All properties and programs include the poster from Sonoma County of Health describing current health policies and protocols for Covid-19 safety.   
  • If you are experiencing symptoms, or have had contact with a known or suspected Covid case, communicate immediately with your manager 
  • If vaccinated staff are experiencing Covid-like symptoms, they should consult their doctor prior to participating in a LandPaths activity/work. 

As a reminder 

  • Mandatory mask and physical distancing requirements at all public programs:  
  • Maintain physical distance of 6 feet or more 
  • When physical distance not possible limit contact to under 15 minutes 
  • For the Fall/Winter/Spring (November 2020 through June 15 2021) masks are mandatory for everyone 2 years of age and older, when working with the public (staff, participants or volunteers) with the exception for medical reasons or due to their disability  
  • If working with power tools, the person working with the power tool, for safety reasons, may take the mask off.  Anyone else present must wear a mask and maintain six-feet of physical distance.   
  • When eating (specifically eating, not walking around), you may remove your mask, and must maintain physical distance of minimum 6’  
  • If a participant is out of breath due to exertion, or experiencing difficulty breathing for any reason, they may remove their mask while maintaining physical distance.   
  • No masks are required if a participant is conducting a solo activity (cannot speak to another participant without shouting, or is not within sight of another participant)  

How LandPaths has adapted to the pandemic since March 2020

  • Developed outings as interactive Zoom webinars. 
  • Piloted in-person Outings based on self-guided activities, limiting any contact or shared items and attendance consistent with County Health through reservations, and organized by households.
  • Developed IOOBY and IF Zoom or other video platform programming.
  • Created Covid-safety protocols to host in-person youth programming such as camps, adhering to all County Health Orders.
  • Implemented tele-work work plans for all staff.
  • Cultivate a culture of following County and State Covid Safety Guidelines at all times.
  • Actively Cultivating a Healthy Digital Community among our staff as we work remotely from home and in the field.  

We take the safety challenges of the ongoing pandemic very seriously. It is important to make choices that promote the health and safety of everyone in our community, from the youngest to oldest. We are monitoring the rate of virus cases in our County, and all health orders and policies.  

At the same time, countless news stories have run recently about the value of getting outside, in whatever nature is available to you. The pandemic has shown us yet again that nature is essential and fostering a love of the land has an impact on multiple levels. 

How can we be a resource for you?

As we continue to assess the situation and brainstorm ways to support our community, we encourage you to stay connected with the outdoors with LandPaths. How can we be a resource for you? Please let us know. Call us at (707) 544-7284 and leave a message or email us at  

Let’s continue to cultivate a love of the land, and support each other, however we can, though this current crisis. We cannot do this alone (even as we remain six feet apart). We are grateful for your part in this vibrant LandPaths community.

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