Education Field Specialist

Clifford Kow Jr. (Cj)

[email protected]

Clifford Kow Jr. also known as Cj (he/him) joined Land Paths as a seasonal summer camp staff in June 2022 and was brought on as a full-time education field specialist in September 2022.  

Born and raised in Hawaii, Cj grew up surrounded by nature, fishing and swimming in the beautiful coastal reefs of the Big Island. This love of the ocean led him to pursue/receive a B.S. in Marine Science, B.A in Communications and Master of Science in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science from the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Upon completion of his Master’s degree, Cj worked for the State of Hawaii as the Outreach & Education Associate for the Protected Species Program. For several years Cj conducted outreach in Hawaii’s classrooms regarding endangered marine wildlife in Hawaii such as honu (sea turtles) and the Hawaiian Monk seal. Cj was also part of several emergency response teams for injured marine wildlife, responding to entangled or deceased marine wildlife around the entirety of Hawaii island. He also assisted in seasonal sea turtle nesting projects for the endangered Hawaiian Hawksbill Sea turtle, tagging nesting females as well as monitoring nest and hatchlings. 

An avid fisherman, CJ can often be found at the lakes or ocean shorelines within Sonoma County interacting with local fisherman in his free time. Teaching youth how to fish and be comfortable around bodies of water is what he absolutely loves doing and believes that a child catching their first fish is an invaluable experience and core memory.  Cj is excited to be working with California youth of various demographics and is hoping to be able to share his fishing expertise with all. 

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