New Audiences Manager

Danny Chaparro

[email protected]

(707) 544-7284

Danny Chaparro (He/Him/El) was born in Santa Rosa and raised in the heart of Roseland. He has been the New Audiences Manager, leading the Branching Out Conservation for Everyone initiative, at LandPaths since January 2024.

Danny grew up as an only child and at such a young age he embraced the value of cultivating relationships in his community, making sure that everywhere he went he made a new connection and helped others along the way. Growing up Danny was never exposed to the outdoors as much as he would have liked but as he progressed in his career working through Social Advocates for Youth, neighboring Spring Lake was an eye-opening experience. Danny would take the youth on hikes, and he quickly realized that green spaces allowed for the youth and himself to feel at peace.

Since then, Danny has made it his goal to get more youth and families from marginalized communities connected to outdoor spaces. During his time with the City of Santa Rosa in the Violence Prevention Partnership, he and a colleage worked together to run a program called Green Spaces for All Faces which served to take youth and families on kayaking trips, hikes, and beach clean-ups.

Danny has been an active member of his community since 2012 and has earned his credibility through various professional endeavors. His extensive professional experience includes Community Outreach, Youth Case Management, Mentorship, Government, and Environmental Education. Danny strives to serve his community by advocating and empowering individuals to want more for themselves and for others. During his free time, Danny enjoys playing soccer in the local leagues of Sonoma County and likes to travel the world at least once a year especially to countries that are hosting major soccer tournaments!  

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