Ocean Song Steward

Erin Mulligan

[email protected]

Erin (she/her/ella) joined LandPaths in the summer of 2013 as the Stewardship Coordinator. Since that time, she has enjoyed time as the Stewardship Lead, acting Community Care Manager, and now Ocean Song steward. She has more than 13 years of experience in conducting biological monitoring, habitat restoration, and environmental education.

Erin grew up in the central valley of California and spent her much of her time dreaming of her family’s next camping trips to either the Sierra Nevada mountain range or the California coast. When not camping, she could often be found roaming through the three-acre open space across the street from her home, climbing trees and searching for tadpoles, insects, and other “cool nature items” until her parents called her in for dinner. At 13, Erin requested backpacking gear for her birthday and started planning her first of many solo adventures. These experiences paved the way for a lifelong passion and reverence for mother earth.

Erin received a B.S. from UC Davis and a M.Sc. in Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation Biology from San Francisco State University. At both UC Davis and SFSU, Erin was lucky enough to study and conduct research at the Bodega Bay Marin Laboratory, deepening her connection to Sonoma County, which she had only previously been superficially introduced to. She fell in love.

Following her formal education, Erin had a whirlwind of fun, diverse, educational biologists jobs including working for the Fish and Wildlife in Sacramento, two National Parks, and on San Clemente, a naval base off the coast of San Diego. Later, she was ecstatic to be offered a position at LandPaths and a pathway back to Sonoma County, a place to put down deep roots.

When not “working”, Erin still roams around her local open spaces. Only now, she has her two young sons in tow. She also considers herself an urban homesteader and tends to a diverse of array of crops, fruit trees, chickens, and bees in her backyard. She looks forward to sharing her passion for tending the land with both of her sons and all of you.

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