Volunteer Spotlight: Lesaya Howard’s journey from Owl Camper to Camps Volunteer

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By LandPaths Staff

October 1, 2019

lesaya luna moth with spring break campers

Name:  Lesaya Alexis Howard aka “Luna Moth Lesaya” 
Current Occupation:Student at Humboldt State University majoring in Liberal Studies Elementary Education.

When did you first attend Owl Camp and what was it like? 

I attended Owl Camp from 2009 to 2013. My experience at Owl Camp was fantastic. As a very introverted child, I found all of the activities to be very enjoyable. Richard “Mapache” always has creative arts and craft projects that I still have to this day. I learned many valuable lessons at Owl Camp including leadership skills, team building, how to be more sustainable and love the environment, and most of all, how to enter and exit a canoe safely and swiftly. Very important!

When did you begin volunteering at Owl Camp? 

I started volunteering at Owl Camp when I was 14. I decided to start volunteering because I enjoyed camp so much! I wanted to help give other campers the same wonderful experience I had.

Would you recommend the camp volunteer experience to others? 

I would absolutely recommend others to volunteer at Owl Camp. Not only is it a great opportunity to get out in nature and spend time with kids, it’s also very rewarding. Seeing the campers grow and come out of their shell throughout the week, along with the other amazing volunteers, keeps me coming back. 

Has Owl Camp had an influence on your life trajectory? 

Owl Camp has been a huge motivator and inspiration for the career path I’ve chosen to take. Meeting the bright and smart kids at camp and all the caring staff members that make Owl camp what it is, has inspired me to be a teacher and follow my passion. I’m excited to one day get the chance to introduce Owl Camp to my future students.  

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