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Nature has immense benefits for your physical and mental well-being. We believe that all people should have access to the awe inspired by nature.  And the inspiration to heal the land that comes from time well-spent on the land. We make it easy for you to experience Sonoma County’s open spaces, farms, and urban gardens through outings and volunteer opportunities.

A sunset hike on an accessible trail through a beautiful preserve. Building trails. A Spanish language kayak paddle down the river. A weekend hiking trek to the sea. A birding outing on easy terrain. Tending the garden at Bayer Farm. Clearing brush for wildfire fuel reduction. Photographing volunteer workdays. Singing songs and hiking with Owl Campers. Whatever your skills, interest or time, we have a way for you to to get outside to connect with land and community.

Step outside and experience the beauty of this place we call home.

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What's it like to volunteer with LandPaths?

Feeling Inspired

Listen to what dedicated volunteers have to say!

" “20 years later, I’m still volunteering with LandPaths, because it’s a good community and the mission is something I share. Nature is medicine for every aspect of your humanity. If you’re on the land with your hands and your feet, you get dirty, educating people, doing stewardship projects, you want to work toward conserving and restoring it, instead of building a shopping center!” "

"Duck" Dave Barry

" “I love what LandPaths has been doing, protecting these spaces and helping wildfires grow less extreme, and getting more people out on the land. I feel like I’m being part of a solution when I’m out here. "

Sophia, Sonoma State University student


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